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Assigned Committee LRC Staffer Study Topic/Authority
Appropriations Fred Schoenfeld, et al.
Bonding Fred Baatz
Code Commission Doug Decker
Education Reform Advisory Council
Executive Board Jim Fry
Government Operations & Audit Auditor General
Legislative Planning Committee Jim Fry/Dave Ortbahn
Legislative Procedure Jim Fry
Oil and Gas Study Reuben Bezpaletz/Fred Baatz/Amanda Reiss Study of the issues and opportunities involved surrounding the emerging oil and gas exploration in northwest South Dakota, including the opportunities and consequences regarding the current oil boom in North Dakota.
Post Secondary Education-Purpose and Funding Clare Charlson/Annie Mehlhaff Study of the public purpose and funding of postsecondary education. The Legislature should determine the public purpose of postsecondary institutions in the state. Included in this are setting policy performance expectations and the means for holding systems and institutions accountable. The mechanism for funding higher education is central to how the system and institutions respond to desired public policy. Systems and institutions respond to incentives that are provided by any funding approach. South Dakota needs to examine its approach to funding postsecondary institutions and review alternative methods. The interim study committee will review these alternatives and make recommendations to the Legislature. Such a review might unify both systems and all postsecondary institutions or it could elect to approach each system independently.
Retirement Laws Annie Mehlhaff
Rules Review Doug Decker
State-Tribal Relations Tom Magedanz
Watershed Task Force Tom Magedanz
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