Staff By Budget Agency Assignment

Governor's Office Tamara Darnall
Economic Development, Office of Jeff Mehlhaff
Bureau of Finance and Management (BFM) Tamara Darnall
Bureau of Administration (BOA) Shane Mattheis
Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT) Shane Mattheis
Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) Shane Mattheis
Revenue, Department of  Jeff Mehlhaff
Agriculture, Department of Mitchell Close
Tourism, Department of Sakura Rohleder
Game, Fish, and Parks, Department of (GFP) Mitchell Close
Tribal Relations, Department of Sakura Rohleder
Social Services, Department of (DSS) Amanda Doherty-Karber
Health, Department of (DOH) Amanda Doherty-Karber
Labor and Regulation, Department of (DLR) Mitchell Close
Transportation, Department of (DOT) Mitchell Close
Education, Department of (K-12) (DOE) Amanda Doherty-Karber
Public Safety, Department of (DPS) Shane Mattheis
Board of Regents (Higher Education) (BOR) Jeff Mehlhaff
Military, Department of the Shane Mattheis
Veterans' Affairs, Department of Shane Mattheis
Corrections, Department of (DOC) Jennifer Geuther
Human Services, Department of (DHS) Sakura Rohleder
Environment and Natural Resources, Dept. of (DENR) Mitchell Close
Retirement System, South Dakota (SDRS) Jeff Mehlhaff
Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Mitchell Close
Unified Judicial System (UJS) Jennifer Geuther
Legislative Branch Tamara Darnall
Attorney General, Office of Jennifer Geuther
School and Public Lands (SPL) Sakura Rohleder
Secretary of State Jennifer Geuther
State Treasurer Jeff Mehlhaff
State Investment Council (SDIC) Jeff Mehlhaff
State Auditor Jennifer Geuther

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