Staff By Subject Area

Administrative Rules & Regulations Wenzel CummingsTamara Darnall
Aeronautics David OrtbahnMitchell Close
Affordable Care Act Amanda Doherty-Karber 
Agriculture Anita Thomas, Amanda MarshMitchell Close
Alcohol & Alcohol Tax Wenzel Cummings, Alex Timperley, Amanda MarshJeff Mehlhaff
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Sakura Rohleder 
Appropriations, Revenues and Budgeting Tamara Darnall, Jeff Mehlhaff, Amanda Doherty-Karber, Shane Mattheis, Sakura Rohleder, Jennifer Geuther, Mitchell Close
Banking Wenzel CummingsJeff Mehlhaff
Bankruptcy Wenzel Cummings 
Bonding & Bonding Authorities Alex TimperleyJeff Mehlhaff, Sakura Rohleder
Brand Laws Anita Thomas, Amanda MarshMitchell Close
Child Support Anita ThomasAmanda Doherty-Karber
Codified Laws Wenzel Cummings 
Commerce & Business Wenzel CummingsJeff Mehlhaff
Corrections/Juvenile Justice Wenzel Cummings, Alex TimperleyJennifer Geuther
Courts & Civil Procedure Wenzel Cummings, Alex TimperleyJennifer Geuther
Criminal Law & Procedure Wenzel Cummings, Alex TimperleyJennifer Geuther
Domestic Relations & Women's Rights Anita Thomas 
Economic Development David Ortbahn, Anita ThomasJeff Mehlhaff
Education (K-12) Clare Charlson, Anita ThomasAmanda Doherty-Karber, Sakura Rohleder
Elections Wenzel Cummings, David OrtbahnJennifer Geuther
Energy Alex Timperley, David OrtbahnMitchell Close
Environmental Protection Clare Charlson, Amanda MarshMitchell Close
Gambling Anita Thomas, Alex TimperleyJeff Mehlhaff
Game, Fish & Parks Amanda Marsh, David OrtbahnMitchell Close
Gun Laws Wenzel Cummings, Anita Thomas
Health Clare CharlsonAmanda Doherty-Karber
Higher Education (BOR) Clare Charlson, Anita ThomasJeff Mehlhaff
Human Services Clare CharlsonSakura Rohleder
Insurance (Financial Responsibility) David OrtbahnMitchell Close
Insurance (General) Wenzel CummingsMitchell Close
Insurance (Liability) Wenzel CummingsMitchell Close
Insurance (Motor Vehicle) David OrtbahnMitchell Close
Insurance (Unemployment Insurance) Mitchell Close 
Intern Program Amanda MarshSakura Rohleder
Labor Anita ThomasMitchell Close
Law Enforcement Wenzel Cummings, Alex Timperley, Anita ThomasShane Mattheis
Legislative Procedure David Ortbahn, Clare Charlson
Local Government Amanda Marsh, Wenzel Cummings, Anita ThomasJeff Mehlhaff
Lottery David Ortbahn, Alex Timperley, Anita ThomasJeff Mehlhaff
Mental Health Wenzel CummingsSakura Rohleder
Military Wenzel Cummings, Clare CharlsonShane Mattheis
Mining Amanda Marsh, Anita ThomasMitchell Close
Motor Vehicles David Ortbahn, Amanda MarshJeff Mehlhaff
Natural Resources Amanda Marsh, Anita ThomasMitchell Close
Nursing Homes Amanda MarshSakura Rohleder
Planning & Zoning Anita Thomas, Amanda MarshJeff Mehlhaff
Prison/Jail Cost Estimate Statements Wenzel Cummings, Alex TimperleyJennifer Geuther
Probate Wenzel Cummings 
Professional Boards & Commissions Wenzel CummingsMitchell Close, Amanda Doherty-Karber
Public Safety David Ortbahn, Alex TimperleyShane Mattheis
Railroads David OrtbahnMitchell Close
Redistricting David OrtbahnTamara Darnall
Retirement Jeff Mehlhaff 
Revenue Estimate Jeff Mehlhaff 
Salary Policy (State Employees) Tamara Darnall, Shane Mattheis
School & Public Lands Amanda Marsh, Anita ThomasSakura Rohleder
Social Services & Social Welfare Anita ThomasAmanda Doherty-Karber
State Affairs David OrtbahnTamara Darnall
State Aid to Education Funding Formula Clare Charlson, Anita ThomasSakura Rohleder
Taxation (General) Amanda Marsh, Alex TimperleyJeff Mehlhaff
Taxation (Income Tax) Amanda MarshJeff Mehlhaff
Taxation (Motor Vehicle Tax) David Ortbahn, Amanda MarshJeff Mehlhaff
Taxation (Precious Metals Tax) Amanda Marsh, Alex TimperleyJeff Mehlhaff
Taxation (Severed Mineral Interests) Amanda Marsh, Alex TimperleyJeff Mehlhaff
Taxation (Tax Estimates) Jeff Mehlhaff 
Telecommunications David OrtbahnShane Mattheis
Transportation (Highways) David Ortbahn, Amanda MarshMitchell Close
Tribal & State Relations Wenzel CummingsSakura Rohleder
Trust Funds Jeff Mehlhaff 
Veterans Clare Charlson, Amanda MarshShane Mattheis
Water Management and Drainage David Ortbahn, Amanda MarshMitchell Close
Workers' Compensation Anita ThomasJeff Mehlhaff
Workforce Development Mitchell Close 

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