2017 Withdrawn Report

The following bills have been withdrawn by the prime sponsor in accordance with Joint Rule 6B-1.1.
HB 1054require documented proof of death for a petition for informal probate. 
HB 1064revise certain unemployment insurance contribution rates, to provide for an unemployment insurance administrative fee, and to provide for the distribution of the fee. 
HB 1114accommodate legislation on medical services. 
HB 1121revise certain provisions regarding collective bargaining for teachers. 
HB 1128establish certain provisions regarding conflict of interest for legislators. 
HB 1137accommodate legislation relating to education in South Dakota. 
HB 1145define a no-go zone and create a procedure to manage no-go zones. 
HB 1146authorize parole for inmates that require extensive or chronic medical care. 
HB 1154allow certain persons with a felony conviction to apply for a concealed pistol permit. 
HB 1162transfer the authority to add, delete, or reschedule controlled drugs and substances in Schedules I to IV, inclusive, from the Legislature to the Board of Pharmacy. 
HB 1169repeal, revise, and enact certain standards and other provisions relating to managed health care plans if the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed. 
HB 1190accommodate legislation relating to the protection of the public safety. 
HB 1194require certain documentation for the reason of denial of a concealed pistol permit. 
HB 1201exempt certain food sales from licensure, certification, and inspection. 
HCR 1006Urging Congress to develop a funding formula for the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Indian Health Service that accurately reflects the true needs of various Indian Health Service regions. 
SB 56revise certain investment fee rates for employer contribution to the South Dakota future special revenue fund and certain procedures regarding employer contribution rates for the state unemployment compensation fund. 
SB 76prohibit the state from using federal funds for certain state highway maps. 
SB 100prohibit certain administrators of state boards or commissions from lobbying for other entities. 
SB 115ensure student privacy in public school locker rooms, shower rooms, and changing facilities by restricting certain access. 
SB 153accommodate legislation on tax increment districts. 
SB 165establish consultation protocols between the Department of Education and tribal government officials. 
SCR 8To call for the appointment of a special prosecutor. 

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