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___________________ moved that HB 1135 be amended as follows:

    On the printed bill, delete the previously adopted amendment (1135wa).

    On page 1, line 5, of the printed bill, delete everything after "department" and insert "or agency".

    On page 1, line 6, delete "any record, document, or other" and after "information" insert "kept in the normal course of business".

    On page 1, delete lines 8 and 9, and insert "and for the purpose of a projection, estimate, program evaluation, fiscal note, prison and jail population cost estimate, budget analysis, or preparation of legislation. Any information provided under this section may not include any unnecessarily personally identifiable information.".

    On page 1, line 13, delete everything after "." and insert "The director may not release, provide, share, or otherwise disclose any information received under section 1 of this Act with any legislator, other public agency or public body, or any other person who is not employed by the Legislative Research Council. The director shall destroy or maintain in accordance with security measures designed to comply with the confidentiality requirements of this section any information received under section 1 of this Act.".

    On page 1, line 14, delete everything before "The" .

    On page 2, delete lines 3 to 21, inclusive.

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