House Bill 1243


impose sales and use taxes on certain advertising services and products and to dedicate the increased tax revenue to the food tax relief fund for the purpose of reducing sales and use taxes on food.

Representatives Glenski, Cutler, Miles, Nygaard, Sigdestad, Steele, Thompson, and Van Etten and Senators Katus, Hoerth, and Schmidt (Dennis)

01/17/2008First read in House and referred to House Taxation H.J. 176 N/A   
01/24/2008Scheduled for hearing Audio Available0:29:15 
01/24/2008Taxation Motion to amend, Passed, YEAS 10, NAYS 4. Amendment 1243fa Audio Available0:29:15 
01/24/2008Taxation Do Pass Amended, Failed, YEAS 5, NAYS 9Audio Available0:29:15 
01/24/2008Taxation Deferred to the 36th legislative day, Passed, YEAS 10, NAYS 4. H.J. 245 Audio Available0:29:15 

Bill Text Versions

01/17/2008 IntroducedIntroduced

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