Senate Bill 190


require the approval of the Legislature before the state adopts certain changes to the Medicaid program.

Senators Bolin, Klumb, Nelson, Otten (Ernie), Russell, Stalzer, and Wiik and Representatives Campbell, Beal, Brunner, and Jensen (Kevin)

01/31/2018First Reading Senate S.J. 295 N/A   
02/05/2018Referred to Senate Health and Human Services S.J. 367 N/A   
02/12/2018Scheduled for hearing Audio Available34:14 
02/12/2018Health and Human Services Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 4, NAYS 3. S.J. 429 Audio Available34:14 
02/13/2018Senate Motion to amend, Passed S.J. 451 Amendment 190ka Audio Available45:45 
02/13/2018Senate Do Pass Amended, Failed, YEAS 14, NAYS 20. S.J. 451 Audio Available45:45 

Bill Text Versions

01/31/2018 IntroducedIntroduced

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