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Senate Concurrent Resolution 6
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Sponsors: Senators Soholt, Bradford, Brown, Buhl O'Donnell, Cammack, Frerichs, Greenfield (Brock), Haverly, Heineman (Phyllis), Holien, Hunhoff (Bernie), Jensen (Phil), Monroe, Olson, Otten (Ernie), Peters, Peterson (Jim), Rampelberg, Rusch, Sutton, Tidemann, Tieszen, Vehle, and White and Representatives Sly, Bartling, Bolin, Bordeaux, Brunner, Campbell, Conzet, Cronin, Deutsch, Dryden, Duvall, Feickert, Gibson, Gosch, Greenfield (Lana), Haggar (Don), Harrison, Hawks, Hawley, Holmes, Hunhoff (Jean), Jensen (Alex), Johns, Kaiser, Killer, Kirschman, Klumb, Langer, Marty, May, McCleerey, Mickelson, Munsterman, Qualm, Rasmussen, Ring, Romkema, Schrempp, Soli, Solum, Stevens, Tulson, Westra, Willadsen, and Zikmund
Purpose: to direct the Department of Education to ensure South Dakota students are well-versed in civics and government.
Keywords: Senate Concurrent Resolutions
Date Action Audio Location
02/12/2015 Introduced and referred to Senate Education S.J. 392    
02/26/2015 Scheduled for hearing Audio Available 23:14
02/26/2015 Education Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 6, NAYS 0. S.J. 525 Audio Available 23:14
02/27/2015 Senate Adopt Resolution, Passed, YEAS 32, NAYS 0. S.J. 546    
03/03/2015 Introduced H.J. 569    
03/04/2015 House of Representatives Concurred in Resolution, Passed, YEAS 68, NAYS 0. H.J. 588 Audio Available 9:10

Bill Text Versions
Date HTML Version PDF Version
02/12/2015 Printed Printed
03/05/2015 Enrolled Enrolled
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