2018 Senate Resolution 3 - Printed

State of South Dakota  

715Z0946   SENATE RESOLUTION   NO.  3  

Introduced by:    Senator Nelson

        A RESOLUTION, Expressing concern about certain final planning phase proposals by the Department of Transportation.
    WHEREAS, there have been demonstrated local concerns about a proposed thirteen million dollar project by the Department of Transportation to remove the four lane intersections on State Highway 50 in Bon Homme County; and
    WHEREAS, since August 2015 the stakeholders in the project have given input against removal of the four lanes and have provided proven safe alternatives to such a project; and
    WHEREAS, petitions, emails, letters, and public testimony have largely been ignored by the Department of Transportation in an apparent predetermined effort to remove the four lanes; and
    WHEREAS, approximately 600 stakeholders testified, wrote letters, and emails during the August 2015 hearing process at Tyndall and comment period afterwards; and
    WHEREAS, approximately 250 stakeholders signed on as proponent testimony to support common sense alternatives to destroying the four lanes for HB 1284 during a four-day time frame starting February ninth at 2:00 p.m. and ending February twelfth at 3:00 p.m.; and
    WHEREAS, common sense alternatives have been offered to the Department of

Transportation for many years as stated in HB 1284 amended version; and

    WHEREAS, permanent digital solar and battery operated speed signs at a cost of two thousand seven hundred dollars per sign are a low cost common sense alternative to an estimated thirteen million dollar reconstruction cost; and
    WHEREAS, there are fatalities on the two lane portions of State Highway 50 in Bon Homme County and very little has been done to address this issue; and
    WHEREAS, the Department of Transportation claims that only an above average accident rate exists on the four lane highways:
    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate of the Ninety-Third Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that the Legislature is greatly concerned about the South Dakota Department of Transportation's final planning phase proposal to destroy the four lanes on State Highway 50 in Bon Homme County.

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