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Prison/Jail Population Cost Estimates

Bill Title
HB 1027 revise certain provisions regarding licensure of massage therapists.
HB 1051 prohibit the use of certain automated sales suppression devices and to provide penalties for their use.
HB 1064 apply certain penalties regarding damages, tampering, and malicious acts to certain railroads that carry passengers.
HB 1124 prohibit the use of tanning devices by minors.
HB 1141 license persons offering applied behavior analysis services to the public.
HB 1161 provide for and regulate consumer lines of credit and to provide a penalty for certain violations.
HB 1162 provide for the practice and regulation of midwives.
HB 1190 enhance customer convenience in firearms transactions, improve public safety, and provide for the issuance of an additional concealed pistol permit.
HB 1211 require statewide livestock ownership inspection.
HB 1213 create the new frontiers program to support innovative research by South Dakota companies.
HB 1230 require lights on certain animal-drawn vehicles while operating on a highway.
HB 1232 provide for additional openness of local governmental meetings.
SB 24 prohibit the sale of fetal body parts and to provide a penalty therefor.
SB 26 revise certain provisions concerning sex offender registration and to require an offender to notify of intended foreign travel.
SB 44 classify vehicular homicide as a crime of violence.
SB 44‑1 classify vehicular homicide as a crime of violence.
SB 54 adopt the Elder Abuse Task Force's statutory recommendations in order to protect South Dakota seniors and adults with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
SB 58 revise certain restrictions for the use of night-vision equipment for hunting under certain conditions.
SB 66 permit the issuance of special license plates to parents of certain individuals.
SB 72 prohibit the abortion of an unborn child who is capable of experiencing pain and to provide a penalty therefor.
SB 94 repeal the death penalty.
SB 107 clarify certain safety zone restrictions on hunting.
SB 113 revise provisions related to the operation of a bicycle on a roadway.
SB 140 eliminate life sentences for defendants under the age of eighteen at the time of the crime.
SB 146 impose a fee on certain pipelines carrying crude oil and to create a crude oil pipeline compensation fund that may be used in the event of a crude oil spill.
SB 154 provide a penalty for fleeing from a law enforcement officer.
SB 157 provide additional regulations for commercial breeding operations.
SB 168 revise provisions related to human trafficking and to provide a penalty therefor.
SB 169 revise provisions related to child pornography and to revise the penalty therefor.
SB 171 authorize the limited use of certain types of medical marijuana.
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