2015 Keyword - Water Management

HB 1014repeal certain obsolete and unnecessary statutes relating to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 
HB 1188make an appropriation to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to develop a hydrologic model of the lower Big Sioux River Basin in southeast South Dakota and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1217revise certain provisions regarding the James River Water Development District. 
SB 2provide for the establishment of river basin natural resource districts. 
SB 3provide for mediation of certain drainage disputes. 
SB 173make appropriations from the water and environment fund, the water pollution control revolving fund subfund, and the drinking water revolving fund subfund for various water and environmental purposes, to revise the state water plan, to increase the authority of the South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources to make consolidated water facilities construction program awards, and to declare an emergency. 

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