2015 Keyword - License

HB 1001establish a wine direct shipment license and wine carrier license to enable the direct shipments of certain wine in South Dakota. 
HB 1013revise certain provisions related to social work licensure. 
HB 1027revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of certain money lending activities. 
HB 1041increase certain driver and commercial driver licensing application fees and to dedicate certain revenue for the purpose of operating the driver license program. 
HB 1044revise certain provisions regarding educational personnel certification and discipline. 
HB 1045revise certain provisions regarding licensure of dentists and dental hygienists and registration of dental auxiliaries. 
HB 1075provide for off-road vehicle trails, to establish a fund to create and maintain the trails, and to provide a penalty therefor. 
HB 1096revise certain procedures for issuing a permit to carry a concealed pistol. 
HB 1102revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of licensing massage therapists. 
HB 1108authorize concealed carry of a pistol or revolver without a permit to carry a concealed pistol. 
HB 1123authorize alcoholic beverages to be sold, served, and consumed in certain on-sale licensees during an extended period of time. 
HB 1146limit who may request to see a person's hunting or fishing license. 
HB 1159permit South Dakotans to express opposition to the death penalty when applying for a state issued identification card. 
HB 1181authorize the manufacture of cider in certain amounts. 
HB 1196revise certain driver licensing provisions. 
HB 1211repeal the requirement for a marriage license and to provide for a marriage certificate. 
HB 1222revise certain educational requirements for state-certified residential appraisers and state-certified general appraisers. 
HB 1224provide procedures for issuing driver licenses and nondriver identification cards that do not require certain biometric data and high resolution facial images. 
HB 1236revise certain provisions regarding commissions received by insurance producers. 
SB 41revise certain provisions pertaining to commercial driver licensing. 
SB 58revise certain authority, monetary penalties, and hearing procedures of the South Dakota Commission on Gaming. 
SB 62increase certain license fees for food service, lodging, and campground establishments.  
SB 63adopt the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. 
SB 80increase the selling price of a towed vehicle that exempts the seller of the vehicle from certain vehicle dealer licensing requirements. 
SB 94establish a license fee for electric-powered motorcycles. 
SB 107increase the period an instructor permit is valid and to revise the requirements to upgrade to an operator's licence or a restricted minor's permit. 
SB 108revise certain provisions relating to aggravated DUI's. 
SB 120revise certain provisions regarding special alcoholic beverage licenses issued in conjunction with special events and to declare an emergency. 
SB 158expand certain licensing exemptions regarding money lenders and mortgage lenders. 
SB 171authorize residents with out-of-state driver licenses to maintain resident hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges. 

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