2008 Keyword - Department of Revenue and Regulation

HB 1007make form and style revisions to certain taxation and revenue statutes. 
HB 1008update and revise certain provisions relating to the Abstracters' Board of Examiners. 
HB 1009revise provisions relating to persons engaged in the business of money transmission. 
HB 1010define telecommunication services for taxation purposes. 
HB 1011revise certain provisions regarding the bank franchise tax. 
HB 1012revise certain provisions regarding property tax exemptions for certain disabled veterans and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1013remove certain waiting periods for property casualty filings. 
HB 1014stagger the licensing of snowmobiles and boats. 
HB 1017revise certain provisions related to the taxation of products transferred electronically. 
HB 1018refund special fuel taxes under certain circumstances. 
HB 1072revise the intent of the appointments of panels for voluntary review of certain first level health care decisions. 
HB 1177create the beverage container recycling and redemption program. 
HB 1187require the Department of Revenue and Regulation to maintain an internet site that allows the public to search for certain property assessment and taxation information. 
HB 1188require the property tax notification sent to taxpayers to include taxable value, assessed value, and market value of the property. 
HB 1296authorize community renewable energy development projects and to provide for certain tax benefits for such projects. 
SB 8revise certain procedures used to assess and collect unpaid cigarette taxes. 
SB 14extend the time allowed to request a hearing or pay an audit assessment. 
SB 15provide certain provisions regarding an electronic vehicle title. 
SB 17revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of banks. 
SB 18revise certain dates pertaining to references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
SB 20repeal certain provisions regarding personalized motor vehicle license plates. 
SB 35establish fair claims standards and procedures for property casualty insurance claims. 
SB 36revise the discount medical plan organization's renewal period requirements. 
SB 37establish certain suitability requirements for annuities. 
SB 52revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of franchises and business opportunities. 
SB 61increase the tax on alcoholic beverages, to dedicate the revenue from such tax increase, to create the South Dakota Teen Court Commission, and to create the South Dakota Commission on Equal Access to Our Courts. 
SB 87reduce the period of effectiveness for cease and desist orders issued to certain dealers.