2015 Keyword - Public Utilities and Carriers

HB 1037revise certain provisions related to the regulation of public utilities. 
HB 1038revise certain provisions related to the siting of energy facilities. 
HB 1039revise certain provisions related to the regulation of grain buyers and grain warehouses. 
HB 1090prohibit a person from serving as a member of a consumers power district board of directors in certain cases. 
HB 1120revise the provisions related to phase in rate plans for plant additions. 
HB 1202revise certain provisions regarding renewable, recycled, and conserved energy sources. 
HB 1203provide for a state assessment and report on the effects of implementing the Clean Air Act. 
HB 1232provide for a determination of the value of small power production facilities. 
SB 40revise certain provisions regarding the federal motor carrier regulations. 
SB 72provide an exemption from certain excavation requirements in an emergency. 
SB 131establish certain provisions regarding stray electrical current and voltage remediation. 
SB 136exclude certain municipal taxes from the gross receipts used to determine the tax liability for customers served by electric cooperatives and electric utilities. 

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