2017 Keyword - Public Health and Safety

HB 1002require the Department of Health and Department of Social Services to make an annual report to the Legislature regarding the condition of long-term health care in South Dakota. 
HB 1003allow nursing facilities to transfer or sell nursing bed capacity. 
HB 1004establish a program to assist nursing and assisted living facilities in recruiting certain health care personnel. 
HB 1040license and regulate community living homes. 
HB 1041place certain substances on the controlled substance schedules and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1042make an appropriation to reimburse certain health care professionals who have complied with the requirements of the recruitment assistance program or the rural health care facility recruitment assistance program and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1071require the approval of the Legislature before any high level nuclear waste may be processed or deposited within state boundaries. 
HB 1101increase the penalty for performing an abortion of an unborn child capable of feeling pain. 
HB 1132limit the persons eligible to receive a copy of a vital record with a social security number printed on the record. 
HB 1162transfer the authority to add, delete, or reschedule controlled drugs and substances in Schedules I to IV, inclusive, from the Legislature to the Board of Pharmacy. 
HB 1181prohibit hydraulic fracturing. 
HB 1182provide certain provisions that require the Governor to consult the Legislature before mobilizing the National Guard or law enforcement in certain circumstances. 
HB 1183provide and revise certain provisions regarding mental health procedures in criminal justice, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1189prohibit dismemberment abortions and to provide a penalty therefor. 
HB 1190accommodate legislation relating to the protection of the public safety. 
SB 1revise certain provisions of the prescription drug monitoring program. 
SB 2require prescribers to access the prescription drug monitoring program database prior to issuing a prescription to certain controlled substances. 
SB 3make an appropriation to the Department of Health for the administration of a program regarding substance abuse. 
SB 4require the Board of Pharmacy to report to the Legislature regarding monitoring and use of opioids in the state. 
SB 5allow for the redistribution of unused nursing facility bed capacity. 
SB 6revise the review process to determine the need for additional nursing facilities or nursing facility beds and to require a report to the Legislature. 
SB 43make an appropriation to expand intensive methamphetamine treatment services within the Department of Social Services and to declare an emergency. 
SB 44revise the definition of individuals with a serious emotional disturbance. 
SB 45remove an outdated reference from the definition of an accredited prevention or treatment facility. 
SB 48provide for the certification of emergency medical responders. 
SB 49license and regulate freestanding emergency medical care facilities. 
SB 57authorize the operation of a nursing home facility in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 58revise certain provisions regarding the responsibility to remove snow from certain state highways. 
SB 95add cannabidiol to the list of Schedule IV controlled substances and to exclude it from the definition of marijuana. 
SB 102require that the name and telephone number of an organization fighting to end sex trafficking be given, in writing, to any woman seeking an abortion. 
SB 113require certain provisions to be met before distribution of the 911 emergency surcharge revenue and to revise the effective date for the sunset clause provisions that lower the 911 emergency surcharge and revise the method of distributing funds. 
SB 121make an appropriation for the completion and upgrade of the South Dakota public safety radio system and to declare an emergency. 
SB 129revise the penalty for ingestion of marijuana. 
SB 136permit and regulate the practice of licensed certified professional midwives. 
SB 176preserve the use of public land, to ensure free travel, to enhance emergency response, and to declare an emergency.