2017 Keyword - Highways and Bridges

HB 1027allow two-wheeled off-road vehicles that meet certain requirements to be registered and licensed. 
HB 1055revise certain provisions regarding the need for a driver license or permit to operate certain motor vehicles. 
HB 1068revise certain provisions concerning landowner liability for certain injuries suffered. 
HB 1087authorize the recovery of attorney's fees in civil actions relating to highway obstructions. 
HB 1098revise certain provisions regarding the notice requirements of county commissions in authorizing installation of utility lines along and across highways. 
HB 1117revise certain provisions regarding golf carts on state highways. 
HB 1126adjust the period of time requiring the use of lighted front and rear lamps on motor vehicles. 
SB 23revise the authority of the Transportation Commission to make loans from the state highway fund to local governments for highway and bridge construction and maintenance purposes. 
SB 58revise certain provisions regarding the responsibility to remove snow from certain state highways. 
SB 76prohibit the state from using federal funds for certain state highway maps. 
SB 119accommodate legislation to improve culverts in the state. 
SB 154require the Department of Transportation to utilize native plants on new or remodeled state properties at rest areas as landscape.  
SB 170revise certain provisions regarding the maximum width restriction for farm implements operated on a public highway