2017 Keyword - Alcoholic Beverages

HB 1026require tracking numbers to be included on the quarterly reports of direct shippers and of wine carriers. 
HB 1092revise certain alcoholic beverage licensing provisions concerning the manufacturing and sale of cider. 
HB 1107revise certain provisions regarding the approval by the governing board of licenses for alcoholic beverages. 
HB 1142revise the penalty for vehicular homicide. 
HB 1186revise certain provisions concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages by passengers aboard vehicles operated by carrier licensees. 
SB 68revise certain alcoholic beverage sampling provisions. 
SB 75revise certain provisions regarding the purchase from a municipality of malt beverages by certain alcoholic beverage licensees. 
SB 81prohibit the manufacture, sale, or possession of alcohol in a powdered, condensed, or other concentrated form under most circumstances. 
SB 122provide for certain alcoholic beverage licensees to allow consumption of distilled spirits under certain circumstances. 
SB 128provide an exception for alcohol manufacturer and wholesaler licensees to participate in certain retail events and to declare an emergency. 
SB 143create an off-sale delivery license and to allow certain off-sale licensees to deliver alcohol.