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Motor Vehicles

Bill Title
HB 1027 allow two-wheeled off-road vehicles that meet certain requirements to be registered and licensed.
HB 1029 update references to certain federal motor carrier regulations.
HB 1030 implement certain vehicle size and weight provisions required by federal law.
HB 1055 revise certain provisions regarding the need for a driver license or permit to operate certain motor vehicles.
HB 1059 provide for the perfection of liens upon application for duplicate certificates of title.
HB 1066 revise certain provisions regarding permits for the sale of certain trailers, motorcycles, and other vehicles.
HB 1088 revise certain provisions regarding required stops at railroad crossings.
HB 1096 provide for a criminal penalty for any person who prevents the enforcement of a secured creditor's security interest upon repossession of a motor vehicle.
HB 1104 revise certain motor vehicle liability insurance requirements.
HB 1109 create provisions for prohibiting the use of handheld electronic wireless communications devices by school bus drivers.
HB 1110 revise certain provisions regarding school bus stop violations.
HB 1117 revise certain provisions regarding golf carts on state highways.
HB 1124 exempt a person with a commercial driver license from the requirement to have a hazardous materials endorsement on the license under certain conditions.
HB 1126 adjust the period of time requiring the use of lighted front and rear lamps on motor vehicles.
HB 1129 limit the information obtained during an application for a driver license or nondriver identification card that is contained in a database.
HB 1142 revise the penalty for vehicular homicide.
HB 1144 revise certain provisions regarding commercial driver license disqualification for refusing to submit to a chemical analysis.
HB 1174 revise certain provisions concerning how stop lamps shall be mounted and displayed on vehicles and trailers.
SB 39 allow owners to affix vehicle identification numbers on certain trailers.
SB 40 revise the start date of driver license suspension, revocation, and disqualification periods.
SB 41 revise certain electronic driver license reinstatement requirements.
SB 42 revise certain provisions regarding persons requesting an abstract of their own driver operating record.
SB 69 revise the tax required when a new motor vehicle dealer licenses a new motor vehicle.
SB 73 provide a special tribal veteran license plate for certain motor vehicles.
SB 79 revise certain provisions regarding the display of motorcycle license plates.
SB 97 revise certain provisions concerning the transfer of motor vehicle titles to satisfy unpaid motor vehicle repair bills.
SB 118 allow for special motor vehicle license plates depicting the Dignity sculpture.
SB 161 direct certain vehicle registration fees to counties with unorganized territory.
SB 170 revise certain provisions regarding the maximum width restriction for farm implements operated on a public highway
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