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Initiative and Referendum

Bill Title
HB 1035 revise and provide certain procedures for filing, certifying, and challenging petitions.
HB 1130 revise certain provisions that provide transparency and public comment for ballot measures and amendments to the Constitution.
HB 1141 provide for a legislative task force to consider certain legislation proposed to revise provisions regarding the constitutional amendment, initiative and referendum process in South Dakota.
HB 1153 revise the signature requirements for initiated measures and referred laws.
SB 59 delay the effective date for initiated measures and referred laws.
SB 67 revise the method used to calculate the petition signatures to place initiated measures on the ballot and to declare an emergency.
SB 77 provide for a fiscal note for any initiated measure, initiated amendment to the Constitution, or referred law that would have a fiscal impact on the state.
SB 112 provide for the referral of a school board's decision to change the number of school days in a school week.
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