2017 Keyword - Hoghouse Vehicle

HB 1058empower health care consumers. 
HB 1114accommodate legislation on medical services. 
HB 1115enhance South Dakota. 
HB 1137accommodate legislation relating to education in South Dakota. 
HB 1175revise the method of establishing certain interest rates. 
HB 1177accommodate legislation regarding certain big game depredation. 
HB 1188accommodate legislation to promote agricultural development. 
HB 1190accommodate legislation relating to the protection of the public safety. 
SB 106assist in balancing the state's budget and fund rural housing. 
SB 107accommodate legislation on medical services. 
SB 108accommodate legislation relating to education in South Dakota. 
SB 119accommodate legislation to improve culverts in the state. 
SB 133accommodate legislation regarding the Missouri River. 
SB 153accommodate legislation on tax increment districts. 
SB 165establish consultation protocols between the Department of Education and tribal government officials. 
SB 176preserve the use of public land, to ensure free travel, to enhance emergency response, and to declare an emergency.