2017 Keyword - Civil Procedure

HB 1103allow for service by publication for certain paternity and child custody actions. 
HB 1108revise certain provisions regarding prejudgment interest rates. 
HB 1135provide certain provisions requiring plaintiffs in certain civil suits to cover certain court costs. 
HB 1139revise certain provisions concerning adverse possession of certain real property. 
HB 1164revise certain provisions regarding violations of county and municipal ordinances. 
HB 1166revise certain provisions regarding open records. 
HB 1175revise the method of establishing certain interest rates. 
HB 1187revise the process by which courts consider appeals of decisions regarding conditional use requests. 
SB 127provide certain defenses to adverse possession claims. 
SB 138provide certain provisions regarding asbestos bankruptcy trust claims. 
SB 145provide limitation on liability for certain architects and engineers 
SB 149provide certain protections to faith-based or religious child-placement agencies.