2018 Keyword - Fees

HB 1016revise certain provisions regarding the authorization to provide postsecondary education. 
HB 1021revise certain provisions related to the practice of podiatry and to authorize certain fee increases. 
HB 1029increase certain fees for self-insurance by employers. 
HB 1033revise certain licensing renewal procedures for business insurance producers. 
HB 1069establish an unladen motor vehicle permit for certain proportionally registered commercial motor vehicles. 
HB 1083revise certain provisions regarding permits to carry a concealed pistol and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1121revise the fees for certain on-sale and off-sale retail liquor licenses. 
HB 1127revise certain provisions relating to fees charged for security freezes. 
HB 1158revise the annual fee for personalized license plates. 
HB 1160transfer victim services from the Department of Social Services to the Department of Public Safety, to increase a surcharge to increase revenues to the crime victims' compensation fund, and to revise certain provisions regarding the awarding of claims from the fund. 
HB 1195revise certain provisions regarding refunds of motor vehicle license fees. 
HB 1210revise the definition of the purchase price of a motor vehicle. 
HB 1241establish an annual fee for certain electric motor vehicles and electric hybrid motor vehicles. 
HB 1313revise certain provisions regarding the licensing of certain alcoholic beverage manufacturers. 
SB 25revise certain fees for entities permitted under the national pollutant discharge elimination system. 
SB 29increase the amount authorized for certain brand fees and to authorize an expedited registration fee. 
SB 34revise certain provisions regarding registration for pesticide products. 
SB 44establish a license for certain gaming equipment manufacturers and distributors and to establish a license fee. 
SB 71revise certain provisions related to a license renewal for the practice of medicine, osteopathy, surgery, or obstetrics. 
SB 146exempt off-road vehicle dealers from certain special event permit fees. 
SB 149redirect certain vehicle registration fees in counties with unorganized territory. 
SB 151revise certain provisions regarding the sale of trailers at special events, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 153require disclosure of certain fees being imposed by overnight lodging accommodations. 
SB 156revise certain provisions regarding brand inspections. 
SB 166repeal certain provisions regarding the inspection of moisture and protein-measuring devices. 
SB 169revise certain provisions regarding confections that contain alcohol and to declare an emergency. 
SB 194revise certain provisions regarding registration fees of pesticide products and create the precision agriculture building fund. 

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