2018 Keyword - Public Officers and Employees

HB 1018update and revise certain references and provisions regarding state agencies and the employment of certain public employees. 
HB 1100require a name be printed on public contracts. 
HB 1157authorize certain alcohol manufacturers and wholesalers to enter into sponsorship agreements with certain alcohol retail licensees. 
HB 1182provide certain protection to state and local government employees regarding the disclosure of information in good faith. 
HB 1197prohibit public school administrators from participating in collective bargaining. 
HB 1203authorize the secretary of state to enforce the laws that have been enacted to be under the supervision of the Office of the Secretary of State. 
HB 1231revise certain provisions regarding budget transfers. 
SB 35revise the classification of juvenile corrections agents in the South Dakota Retirement System and to revise certain terminology regarding correctional staff. 
SB 36revise certain provisions regarding the South Dakota Retirement System. 
SB 37revise the automatic enrollment provisions of the deferred compensation plan of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
SB 38revise the process for establishing the compensation of the executive director of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
SB 54make an appropriation for the payment of extraordinary litigation expenses and to declare an emergency. 
SB 143authorize any contributing member of the state retirement plan to be a participating member of the state health plan. 
SB 161revise provisions regarding assault committed against certain persons. 
SB 177require an annual increase in certain state employee pay by an increase in the consumer price index. 
SB 192provide for the disclosure of certain documents and records of public officials. 

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