2018 Keyword - Highways and Bridges

HB 1107revise and repeal various provisions regarding the construction and maintenance of county and township highways and bridges. 
HB 1131authorize certain road district trustees and employees to receive compensation under a district contract. 
HB 1140revise certain provisions regarding access to public water. 
HB 1184provide certain provisions regarding waste disposal lines along or under highways. 
HB 1217repeal a provision that prohibits hunting of mourning doves on certain property. 
HB 1241establish an annual fee for certain electric motor vehicles and electric hybrid motor vehicles. 
HB 1257designate certain highways by townships and counties as no maintenance highways. 
HB 1270adjust the period of time requiring the use of lighted front and rear lamps on motor vehicles. 
HB 1284provide for certain highway safety requirements and to declare an emergency. 
SB 14revise certain references to the special highway fund in provisions regarding motor vehicle license fees distribution. 
SB 15revise the composition of the state trunk highway system. 
SB 16repeal certain curb ramp construction specifications for municipalities. 
SB 59authorize the Department of Tourism to permit certain commercial advertising in information centers. 
SB 157establish a bid process for the haying of certain interstate and highway medians. 
SB 158require certain transfers of funds from the state highway fund to the local bridge improvement grant fund. 

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