2018 Keyword - Administrative Rules

HB 1020revise certain provisions and regulations regarding medical assistants. 
HB 1021revise certain provisions related to the practice of podiatry and to authorize certain fee increases. 
HB 1029increase certain fees for self-insurance by employers. 
HB 1035repeal certain provisions and regulations related to labeling requirements for feed. 
HB 1040provide for the licensing of a professional counselor, professional counselor-mental health, or marriage and family therapist licensed in another state under certain circumstances and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1067revise certain provisions regarding the licensing of wineries. 
HB 1069establish an unladen motor vehicle permit for certain proportionally registered commercial motor vehicles. 
HB 1130establish who may submit plans and specifications for certain waste water systems. 
HB 1255revise the authority of the interim Rules Review Committee to revert a rule to any step in the rules adoption process. 
SB 60revise the administrative rule-making authority for the Department of Human Services. 
SB 71revise certain provisions related to a license renewal for the practice of medicine, osteopathy, surgery, or obstetrics. 
SB 75establish certain provisions regarding the dispensing of biological products. 
SB 127revise certain requirements for a proposed wind energy facility applicant. 
SB 156revise certain provisions regarding brand inspections. 

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