2018 Keyword - Public Property, Purchases and Contracts

HB 1050revise certain provisions regarding the prompt payment act. 
HB 1051revise certain provisions regarding suspension or debarment of a business by the Bureau of Administration. 
HB 1100require a name be printed on public contracts. 
HB 1277exempt certain capital improvements projects from the required supervision of the Bureau of Administration. 
HB 1290provide for disclosure of certain contents of public-private partnership agreements and to provide a penalty for failure to disclose. 
SB 39revise certain provisions regarding permitted improvements on school and public lands. 
SB 53authorize the Board of Regents to sell existing real property in Pennington County and to acquire real property in Pennington County for the use and benefit of the South Dakota State University West River Agriculture Center. 
SB 100establish certain provisions related to grant monitoring and review and to revise certain record retention policies. 
SB 183provide funds to the precision agriculture fund by revising the allocation of petroleum release compensation and inspection fee revenues and online lottery revenues and to repeal the ethanol fuel fund. 
SB 195establish certain provisions regarding the state procurement process for internet, data, and telecommunications services. 

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