2018 Keyword - Public Records

HB 1108restrict the disclosure of personal information regarding motor vehicle records. 
HB 1144authorize a public body to conduct certain deliberations in an executive or closed meeting. 
HB 1182provide certain protection to state and local government employees regarding the disclosure of information in good faith. 
HB 1187require grant performance measurement information be displayed on the department website. 
HB 1239revise certain provisions regarding the inspection and copying of public records. 
HB 1290provide for disclosure of certain contents of public-private partnership agreements and to provide a penalty for failure to disclose. 
SB 84revise certain provisions regarding public records. 
SB 100establish certain provisions related to grant monitoring and review and to revise certain record retention policies. 
SB 116provide for certain voting and attendance information to be made available by the director of the Legislative Research Council. 
SB 126revise certain provisions regarding municipal annual reports. 
SB 128revise certain provisions regarding ballot question committees. 
SB 133revise the retention of state fiscal records. 
SB 192provide for the disclosure of certain documents and records of public officials. 

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