2019 Keyword - Veterans Affairs

HB 1007revise certain provisions regarding the exemptions from the twelve-month residency requirement for university students. 
HB 1080increase the property tax exemption allowed for certain veterans with a disability and the surviving spouses of certain veterans with a disability. 
HB 1081authorize certain paraplegic or amputee veterans or their surviving spouses to retain a property tax exemption without having to reapply each year. 
HB 1171allow certain veterans to attend courses offered at postsecondary technical institutes without payment of tuition. 
HB 1201revise provisions regarding group pheasant hunts for disabled veterans. 
HB 1260make an appropriation to continue the veteran's bonus program and to declare an emergency. 
SB 155authorize additional nursing facility beds for the Michael J. Fitzmaurice Veterans Home. 
SCR 3Commending, honoring, and thanking South Dakota's numerous women veterans for their service to our country and state. 

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