2019 Keyword - Political Party

HB 1008revise certain provisions regarding the required notice for biennial state political party conventions. 
HB 1026revise certain provisions regarding petitions, notices, and statements of convention nominees and certifications of party officials. 
HB 1091provide for the selection of a lieutenant governor by a candidate for governor. 
HB 1092revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance disclosure reports. 
HB 1143revise provisions regarding contribution limits to political action committees. 
HB 1157revise provisions regarding challenges to candidate nominating petitions. 
SB 75revise certain provisions regarding who is eligible to serve as a candidate in the event of a vacancy. 
SB 76allow a candidate for legislative or county office to be considered for nomination to statewide office. 
SB 77revise provisions regarding candidates running for office. 
SB 139prohibit the publication of false information in certain political advertisements. 

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