2019 Keyword - Licenses

HB 1028revise certain provisions regarding professional counselors and marriage and family therapists. 
HB 1032revise provisions regarding money transmission. 
HB 1042exempt law enforcement from the requirements to be licensed as commercial drivers. 
HB 1059revise certain provisions regarding vehicle dealer licensing. 
HB 1076revise certain real estate licensee advertising restrictions and grant rule-making authority regarding real estate teams. 
HB 1079allow a person to perform plumbing work on the person's own property without a license and establish a fee. 
HB 1111provide for professional or occupational licensure for certain active duty military personnel and spouses. 
HB 1126revise real estate licensure requirements for the sale of businesses. 
HB 1142revise certain provisions regarding motor vehicle license plates. 
HB 1152provide for the permitting of outfitters and guides. 
HB 1158revise provisions regarding off-sale delivery licenses for the delivery of alcoholic beverages. 
HB 1181create a habitat conservation emblem specialty plate. 
HB 1191legalize the growth, production, and processing of industrial hemp and derivative products in the state. 
HB 1210authorize the direct shipment of wine by wine clubs. 
HB 1212make an appropriation to fund the industrial hemp licensure program and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1214prohibit certain licenses and registrations from being withheld from certain persons owing a debt within the Board of Regents' system. 
HB 1233reduce the percentage of a winery's annual production that may be bulk wine. 
HB 1250revise certain provisions regarding professional counselors and marriage and family therapists. 
SB 27repeal the annual license fee for coin operated washers and dryers. 
SB 28repeal provisions regarding the amusement device tax and amusement device registration. 
SB 35revise and repeal provisions regarding revocation of occupational licenses. 
SB 38provide for the carrying of a concealed pistol without a permit. 
SB 48authorize counties on behalf of certain improvement districts to issue convention facility on-sale licenses to sell alcoholic beverages. 
SB 53authorize certain retailers to offer quantity discounts or cash discounts for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. 
SB 56revise certain provision regarding the regulation of fireworks and to declare an emergency. 
SB 61provide certain provisions regarding nursing facility closures. 
SB 63increase the penalty for a subsequent conviction for trespass to hunt, fish, or trap. 
SB 78exempt certain medical providers from licensure. 
SB 93revise certain provisions regarding instruction and restricted driving permits. 
SB 97revise provisions regarding farm winery licensure. 
SB 98repeal the sunset of a wine manufacturer license. 
SB 101establish certain provisions regarding out-of-state businesses that provide disaster or emergency related work. 
SB 117authorize Spanish to be used in the process of issuing certain driver licenses and permits. 
SB 124provide for the transportation of alcoholic beverages by retail licensees. 
SB 138revise certain provisions regarding microbreweries. 
SB 146revise certain provisions regarding licenses for speech-language pathology services. 
SB 147provide certain provisions regarding commercial pesticide applicators. 
SB 153authorize the Game, Fish and Parks Commission to provide for a special hunting license with the proceeds to be used for habitat. 
SB 168revise certain provisions regarding emblem specialty plate stickers. 
SB 187define electric bicycles and to provide for the regulation of electric bicycles. 

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