2008 Keyword - Public Health and Safety

HB 1001provide for a jury trial in forfeiture proceedings. 
HB 1052define an inpatient hospice and residential hospice as a health care facility. 
HB 1053place certain substances on the controlled substances schedule and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1152provide for diabetes management and treatment in schools. 
HB 1155provide for the practice and regulation of licensed midwives. 
HB 1162prohibit the branding of a minor and to provide a penalty therefor. 
HB 1165prohibit certain immunizations from containing more than trace amounts of mercury. 
HB 1167exempt the services provided by certified birth doulas and certified postpartum doulas from sales and use taxes. 
HB 1193require abortion facilities to offer sonograms to pregnant women under certain circumstances. 
HB 1237revise certain provisions regarding the prohibition of smoking in certain public places or places of employment. 
HB 1259make an appropriation for the detection and prevention of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. 
HB 1278require certain safety devices or systems to be installed during the construction of public swimming pools or spas. 
HB 1301revise certain provisions regarding the exercise of eminent domain by rural fire protection districts. 
HB 1310authorize the construction of nursing facilities on American Indian reservations under certain circumstances. 
HB 1311prevent seizures by prohibiting the interchange of anti-epileptic drugs without prior notification and consent. 
SB 11revise certain provisions regarding corrosion protection for tank piping systems and aboveground tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids and used in retail motor fuel dispensing operations. 
SB 30revise the minimum fire safety standards for specialty resorts. 
SB 32establish a separate licensure category for vacation home establishments and to require vacation home establishments to meet minimum fire safety standards. 
SB 33require hospitals to report certain adverse health care events. 
SB 34allow certified nurse midwives to attend out-of-hospital births under certain circumstances. 
SB 64provide certain provisions regarding the regulation of recreational park trailers. 
SB 88require abortion facilities to offer sonograms to pregnant women under certain circumstances. 
SB 89direct the State-Tribal Relations Committee to hold hearings on certain issues related to Native American health care. 
SB 143revise certain provisions regarding collection and administration of the 911 emergency surcharge and operation of 911 services. 
SB 147revise certain provisions regarding the enforcement of seat belt laws. 
SB 164clarify the application of certain statutes relative to contraception and birth control. 
SB 182expand the disclosure of inpatient hospital charges and to provide for the development of a system for the disclosure of charges for outpatient procedures. 
SB 200establish a statewide trauma system.