2008 Keyword - Professions and Occupations

HB 1008update and revise certain provisions relating to the Abstracters' Board of Examiners. 
HB 1078transfer in the code a section requiring certification for chemical dependency counselors and prevention specialists. 
HB 1106repeal the real estate recovery fund and to transfer the existing balance to the South Dakota Real Estate Commission. 
HB 1112revise certain provisions related to the direction, supervision, and registration fees for veterinary technicians. 
HB 1121prohibit the employment of illegal aliens and to provide a penalty therefor. 
HB 1138prohibit the use of a false academic degree or a degree that is not completed. 
HB 1155provide for the practice and regulation of licensed midwives. 
HB 1167exempt the services provided by certified birth doulas and certified postpartum doulas from sales and use taxes. 
HB 1189require a review of any proposal to establish a new board or add duties to an existing board. 
HB 1253require that home studies conducted for custody determinations be completed by certain professionals. 
HB 1270prohibit improper influence regarding real estate appraisals and to establish certain penalties. 
HB 1284require certain employees acquiring real property to be certified, licensed, or registered by the Department of Revenue and Regulation as real estate appraisers. 
HB 1311prevent seizures by prohibiting the interchange of anti-epileptic drugs without prior notification and consent. 
SB 16require continuing education of plumbing contractors, plumbers, apprentice plumbers, restricted plumbing contractors, and restricted plumbers. 
SB 28make an appropriation to reimburse certain family physicians, midlevel practitioners, and dentists who have complied with the requirements of the physician tuition reimbursement program, the midlevel tuition reimbursement program, or the dental tuition reimbursement program. 
SB 29make an appropriation to fund a dental externship program. 
SB 31provide for certification of chiropractic assistants. 
SB 34allow certified nurse midwives to attend out-of-hospital births under certain circumstances. 
SB 50change the name of the Board of Counselor Examiners. 
SB 51revise certain terminology, licensing requirements, and procedures regarding the Board of Examiners of Psychologists. 

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