2008 Keyword - Secretary of State

HB 1026revise certain provisions and procedures concerning elections. 
HB 1027revise certain deadlines concerning nominating petitions for water development district directors and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1028require a certified copy of voter registration to be filed for certain candidates for offices to be filled at the primary election. 
HB 1029allow voters to request that absentee ballots be provided for all elections and to provide a means to update the list of voters automatically requesting absentee ballots. 
HB 1030revise certain provisions regarding the appointment of notaries public and the requirements of notary public seals. 
SB 1provide for nomination and election when a vacancy occurs in the office of representative in the United States Congress due to extraordinary circumstances. 
SB 2prohibit public access to birth dates of voters contained in the master voter registration file. 
SB 3revise certain procedures concerning elections for special districts and to declare an emergency. 
SB 4revise certain provisions concerning campaign finance reporting requirements and to establish certain penalties. 
SB 78permit voters to register on election day at the polling place.