2008 Keyword - Local Government

HB 1026revise certain provisions and procedures concerning elections. 
HB 1154require an opportunity for public testimony at public meetings. 
HB 1161revise certain provisions regarding secondary roads within townships. 
HB 1181revise certain provisions concerning information related to the assessment of property that is to be provided by the director of equalization. 
HB 1237revise certain provisions regarding the prohibition of smoking in certain public places or places of employment. 
HB 1287permit taxing districts to revise the base amount of revenue payable from property taxes. 
HB 1321revise certain provisions concerning alcoholic beverage licenses authorized for certain municipal facilities. 
SB 3revise certain procedures concerning elections for special districts and to declare an emergency. 
SB 66provide for the awarding of matching grants to certain fire departments and to increase the fire insurance premium tax. 
SB 71establish a rural community-based energy development program. 
SB 98regulate establishments in the business of providing obscene material. 
SB 120require that certain bond sales be competitive. 
SB 183permit the creation of a transportation district and to establish its powers and bonding authority. 
SB 199revise certain provisions concerning public meetings.