2008 Keyword - Energy

HB 1079revise the tax credit for certain renewable resource energy systems. 
HB 1123establish a state renewable and recycled energy objective and to provide certain reporting requirements. 
HB 1184create a renewable energy property tax incentive program. 
HB 1272revise the defined sources of renewable electricity and recycled energy. 
HB 1285establish an incentive grant program for the installation of ethanol blender pumps and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1296authorize community renewable energy development projects and to provide for certain tax benefits for such projects. 
HB 1319make an appropriation for the purpose of making revolving loans to public entities for energy saving projects. 
HB 1320provide tax incentives for certain wind energy facilities and energy transmission equipment. 
SB 43revise the requirements regarding the siting of energy facilities. 
SB 54revise certain provisions regarding the duties and reporting requirements for the South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority. 
SB 71establish a rural community-based energy development program. 
SB 75establish a residential geothermal heat pump grant program and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SB 91establish design and construction standards for newly constructed or renovated state buildings, public school facilities, and higher education facilities. 
SB 108revise certain provisions regarding the directional sign program for certain business establishments located near an interstate or primary highway. 
SB 110provide increased funding for the maintenance of state highways and roads by eliminating the tax differential between ethanol blends and motor fuel through an increase in the fuel excise tax rate on ethanol blends. 
SB 118establish a wind energy incentive payment program and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SB 121revise the definition of trans-state transmission facility. 
SB 138require financial assurances for certain petroleum pipeline operations for the remediation of potential environmental damage and to declare an emergency. 
SB 148provide for a tax incentive for fuel blended with biodiesel. 
SB 168provide for the development and financing of certain wind energy projects by school districts. 
SB 178provide for incentives for the development of certain power production facilities utilizing renewable resources. 
SB 190provide for regulatory oversight of oil pipelines and to create a task force. 
SB 196repeal a limitation on certain environmental rules.