Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Senator Tidemann called the meeting to order00:00:09
Office of the Governor - Nathan Sanderson, Director of Policy and Operations and Travis Dovre, Finance Officer, presented to the joint committee00:01:59
Governor's Office Organizational Chart00:02:40
Office of the Governor - Budget Briefing 00:06:09
Representative Cronin - question on policy when errors or mistakes are made00:07:42
Representative Cronin - comment on honesty of Governor00:09:03
Senator Omdahl - question on Governor's position if mountain pine beetle problems will affect the Spearfish Canyon area as a potential state park00:10:55
Representative Romkema - expressed concern about fee to enter Spearfish Canyon00:13:53
Commmissioner Costello presented FY17 Budget to the joint committee on appropriations00:15:33
Major Expansions and Reductions00:16:20
Governor's Office of Economic Development - Page 400:17:04
Representative Cronin - question on ethenol blender pumps program00:17:56
Division of Research Commerce00:19:30
Proof of Concept Program - $250,000 FY 2017 Request00:19:55
Representative Anderson - question what method is used to qualify for Proof of Concept grant00:21:17
Program Activities - Years (2013 - 2015)00:23:48
Program Results00:24:25
Representative Hunhoff - question if Proof of Concept programs were located in South Dakota and if grant applicants were South Dakota residents00:25:30
Senator Parsley - commented on incentive programs00:25:53
Senator Omdahl - question if businesses fail due to workforce issues00:27:11
Senator White - question if any patents have resulted from program00:27:55
Senator Heineman - question on Building South Dakota program 00:28:55
Representative Hunhoff - question on application to reward time frame00:30:01
Senator Tidemann - question about research and business evaluation team00:30:18
Senator Omdahl - question if universities are coordinating with entrepreneur programs00:31:35
Representative Jensen - question how much of $40 million of future fund is available00:32:34
Building South Dakota Program and Senate Bill 4500:34:49
South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority00:38:30
Senator Tidemann - recognized Senator Parsley for service00:39:15
Senator Parsley thanked committee00:40:00
Mr. Mark Lauseng, Executive Director of South Dakota Housing Development Authority, presented budget to committee00:41:10
Senator White - question turnaround time to build three bedroom governor housing00:44:10
Senator Van Gerpen - question if housing program could be used as incentive for health care providers00:46:14
Senator Van Gerpen - expressed there is a crisis for health care support staff in rural areas00:47:48
Senator Van Gerpen - question on quantity of homes sold last year00:48:30
Senator Parsley - expressed need of partnerships and housing programs00:49:32
Senator Heineman - question how does agency not compete with private industry00:50:30
Mr. Scott Landguth, Executiver Director South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority, presented FY17 Budget and report to the committee00:52:10
Representative Romkema - question if local government works with South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority in regard to zoning and planning 00:56:02
Representative Cronin - comment importance of Ellsworth Airforce Base and the positive economic impact it has on South Dakota00:57:55
Representative Cronin- question on bomber fleet00:58:27
Representative Hunhoff - commented on positive economic impact of Ellsworth Airforce Base is for South Dakota and leadership of authority01:00:16
Mr. Mike Headley, Executive Director, Science and Technology Authority, introduced staff and presented the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) budget request and report to the committee01:03:00
SD FY2017 Major Goals01:04:21
Budget Highlights - SDSTA Budget Outlined on Pages 11-15 of FY17 Budget Briefing01:06:25
Budget Highlights - Ross Shaft Refurbishment Update01:08:00
Ross Shaft Refurbishment Progress - Examples of Old Shaft Steel01:09:10
Ross Shaft Refurbishment Progress - New Steel Recently Installed01:09:22
Current Underground Physics Program01:09:28
4850L Science Facilities01:11:28
Majorana Shield and Detector Assembly - 2 Detector Modules Planned01:11:53
Module 1 Final Assembly01:12:40
Module 1 Integration with Pb/Cu Shield01:13:00
Module 1 installed in the Shield01:13:11
LUX Detector Deployed in Water Shield Tank01:13:40
CASPAR Experiment Facility Completed01:14:11
4850L Ross Campus 01:14:40
CASPAR Experiment Hall01:16:40
CASPAR Accelerator01:16:58
BHSU Underground Campus (BHUC)01:17:08
BHUC Cleanroom Entrance01:18:45
Low Background Counter Installation01:19:09
4850L Science Facilities01:20:01
LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Dark Matter Experiment01:20:15
Senator Heinemann - question on funding for LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) from DOE01:22:30
Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) and the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE)01:23:08
International Particle Physics Community Convergence01:26:25
LBNF/DUNE Progressing Quickly01:27:55
Senator Heineman - question on CERN collaberation01:30:53
LBNF 4850L Facilities Design01:32:46
LBNF Excavations Planned for Sanford Lab01:33:30
LBNF Facilities01:34:09
LBNF Free-Standing Steel Cryostat 01:34:49
Economic Impacts in South Dakota As of January 201601:35:45
Education and Outreach Impacts - Year 2008 through 201501:36:40
Funding Commitments as of January 201601:37:50
DOE Operations Funding Ongoing Today - Funds work at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Sanford Lab01:38:22
SD University Involvement Highlights01:38:39
New Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center Open - Located at the Open Cut in Lead, SD01:39:20
Visitor Center Grand Opening01:39:39
Visitor Center Exhibits - Attracted over 34,000 people in the first four months of operation01:39:49
Celebrated 50 years of science in 201501:40:14
The Governor Studying 3D Underground Model01:41:20
Recent "Deep Talk" at Visitor Center 01:41:42
New Strategic Plan Released - Forward Momentum 202501:42:24
Senator Omdahl - question about facility security policy01:43:09
Senator Heineman - question how schools can access New STEM Curriculum Modules01:44:39
Senator Tidemann - question what is water level trend in mine shaft01:45:56
Representative Hunhoff - question is there a facility master plan01:47:43
Representative Hunhoff - question if SURF would ask legislature for additional funds to expand facility space01:49:30
Secretary Jim Hagen, Department of Tourism, introduced staff and presented the FY17 Budget and department report01:51:15
Budget Requests - Page 2 of Department of Tourism FY17 Budget Briefing01:54:20
Senator Haverly - question how does the Department of Tourism decide what events to promote South Dakota Tourism in events like the Rose Bowl Parade and evaluate it's success01:57:25
Senator Heineman - question about the financial challenge of replacing retiring staff02:01:38
Senator White - question how Department of Tourism uses funds to promote tourism across the State of South Dakota02:04:56
Senator White - question if the Chamber of Commerce uses Department of Tourism to help promote their communities02:07:45
Senator Van Gerpen - question how the Department of Tourism make the Rose Bowl Parade Float02:09:11
Representative Hunhoff - question if Department of Tourism has information how many visitors are from out-of-state or in-state and how does this information affect funding of parks02:10:55
Representative Hunhoff - question if Department of Tourism is monitoring fees and collaberates with Game Fish & Parks in relation to online vs. phone call reservations02:11:40
Representative Romkema - question is fee is the same for in-state and out-of-state visitors at state parks02:14:30
Representative Cronin - commended Department of Tourism for exceptional work02:15:20
Senator Tidemann - One-Note Announcement02:17:34
Secretary of Department of Tribal Relations, Mr. Steve Emery, introduced staff and presented FY17 Budget Request and report to the committee02:18:22
Graph A - Mileage Trends02:20:10
Senator White - question about new FTE requested and travel02:21:56
Representative Hunhoff - question about staff, job descriptions, and outcomes02:22:45
Representative Cronin - question progression of UCC agreements with tribes02:25:20
Senator Heineman - question about evaluation of revenue and performance indicators02:26:12
Representative Hunhoff - question on other funds balance and Bush Foundation grant02:27:15
Janet Jessup, Policy Analyst, Department of Tribal Relations, responded02:28:08
Senator Omdahl - question about economic development projects02:29:40
Senator Heineman - question on Bush Foundation project02:30:40
Senator Heineman - question about the goal of the Bush Foundation project02:32:43
Senator Tidemann - question about Secretary Emery's background and experience02:34:25
Representative Anderson - requested an update of the Legislative Procedure Committee02:36:48
Senator Tidemann responded 02:38:17
Senator Heineman responded02:40:10

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