Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Senator Peters called the meeting to order00:00:04
Mr. Matthew L. Clark, State Investment Officer, introduced staff and presented the FY17 Budget as recommended by the Governor00:01:50
Mr. Jim Means, Chairman, State Investment Council, made presentation00:03:10
South Dakota Investment Council (SDIC) FY 2017 Budget & Investment - Performance - Presented to Appropriation Committee - January 21, 2016 00:03:11
Organization Chart 00:03:36
Assets 00:03:52
Cost Efficiency - Chart 00:04:22
Long Term Plan Executive Summary - Projected LTP Budget 00:05:12
Budget Funding Sources - Chart 00:06:06
Compensation Overview 00:06:35
Compensation Overview, Continued 00:07:40
Senator Tidemann - question is the state compensation plan keeping South Dakota competative with industry peers00:07:52
Senator Heineman - question what is discount for high performing employees00:14:30
FY15 Budget and Actual - Unexpended credited against FY16 00:17:42
FY17 Budget Request - Summary 00:18:26
FY17 Budget Request - Contractual Services Detail 00:23:04
Investment Performance - Returns vs. Benchmarks 00:23:23
Investment Performance - Earnings vs. Benchmarks00:23:50
Superior Returns Add Up Over Time - Cumulative Returns for SDRS, Benchmark, Corporate Plans, and Other States 00:24:24
Potential Excess Earnings - Graph 00:25:10
Representative Partridge - question how does agency determine benchmarks00:27:51
Many Pistons Contribute - Cumulative Added Value By Source FY99 to FY15 - Chart - Page 1600:32:55
Every Asset Category Has Good and Bad Years - Annual Added or Detracted Value By Source 00:33:51
Trust Funds (Unaudited) 00:34:18
Trust Funds (Unaudited) Continued 00:39:00
Senator Heineman - question will there be a change on trust fund payout policy00:41:38
Representative Romkema - commended Mr. Clark's performance00:44:25
Senator White - question how will depressed oil prices impact current economy00:45:05
Senator Omdahl - question if oil prices will fall to $20 per barrel and do natural gas exports help our economy00:49:40
Mr. Elmer Brinkman, Retirement System Board of Trustees Chair, introduced staff to committee and made general remarks and observations00:53:10
Mr. Rob Wylie, South Dakota Retirement System (SDRS), Executive Director/Administrator made FY17 Budget Request as recommended by the Governor to the committee00:57:40
Senate Bill 13 - will affect new members and take a few years to implement01:00:30
Senate Bill 14 - SDRS will disconnect budget with Department of Labor01:01:25
South Dakota Retirement System FY17 Budget Briefing - Page 101:03:53
FY17 Budget Briefing - Department Total - Page 201:04:50
FY17 Budget Briefing - Major Expansions and Reductions - Page 401:05:10
Senator Peters - made comment about intentions of new GASB rules and cost 01:07:49
Senator Heineman - question how is CEM benchmarking working for SDRS01:11:42
Senator Heineman - question are CEM benchmarks published01:13:15
Senator White - question what is update on cement plant employee payout status 01:14:05
Representative Partridge - question how does retirement plan cash flow operate 01:17:30
Mr. Richard Sattgast, State Treasurer, made staff introductions and presented the FY17 budget request to committee as recommended by the Governor01:22:00
State Treasurer FY17 Budget Briefing - Page 101:23:44
State Treasurer FY17 Budget Briefing - Treasury Management - Page 501:26:00
Survey Report - Treasurers 2016 - Page 101:26:45
Survey Report - Page 201:27:10
Survey Report - Page 301:27:36
Survey Report - Pages 4, 5, 6, 7, & 801:28:00
Survey Report - Page 901:28:15
Survey Report - Page 1001:28:17
Survey Report - Page 1101:28:42
Survey Report - Pages 12, 13, & 1401:29:05
Survey Report - Pages 15 & 1601:29:46
Senator Heineman - commented that she appreciated job performance measures and commended State Treasurer 01:32:40
Ms. Lee DeJabet, Administrator, Division of Unclaimed Property, presented Unclaimed Property report01:33:30
Unclaimed Property Payments - Claims Paid by Fiscal Year and Unclaimed Property Receipts Chart01:34:30
Other Budget Adjustments - Unclaimed Property01:37:00
Senator Parsley - question what are you estimating for payment in FY17 unclaimed property 01:42:55
Senator Parsley - question how does Bureau of Finance and Management estimate FY17 Unclaimed Property payments and receipts01:44:45
Senator Heineman - question is the goal of State Treasurer to refund Unclaimed Property01:45:18
Representative Jensen - question how many FTE's are dedicated to Unclaimed Property01:46:24
Senator Tidemann - question what types of Unclaimed Property does the State Treasurer mangage01:47:40
Senator Parsley - question to Mr. Jim Terwilliger how does Bureau of Finance and Management estimate FY17 Unclaimed Property Receipts01:51:05
Senator Omdahl - question how does State Treasurer prevent Unclaimed Property fraud01:54:40
Senator Omdahl - question if there are international claims on Unclaimed Property01:58:25
Senator Omdahl - question could a terrorist group use a fake passport to make an Unclaimed property claim01:59:55
Mr. Larry Zimmerman, Secretary, Veterans Affairs, introduced staff and made FY17 Budget Request as recommended by the Governor02:02:09
Representative Hunhoff - question how many Korean Veterans participated in ceremony around the State of South Dakota02:03:10
Senator Tidemann - question how is Department of Veterans Affairs finding missing South Dakota veterans that didn't receive their award02:03:57
Senator Van Gerpen - question were families of deceased Korean veteran given medals02:05:07
Department of Veterans Affairs - Table of Contents02:06:55
Department of Veterans Affairs - Vision and Mission Statement02:07:04
Department of Veterans Affairs - Division Chart02:07:24
Department of Veterans Affairs - State of South Dakota Map02:07:40
Department of Veterans Affairs - Department of Veterans is 0.17% of the state general fund budget - Pie Chart02:08:15
Department of Veterans Affairs - FY16 Budget Compared to FY17 - Chart02:08:40
Department of Veterans Affairs - FY17 Budget - Total $10,323,15902:09:05
Department of Veterans Affairs - Honor Guard Detail Funeral Stipend - Change to FY16 Budget Appropriation02:09:47
Senator Van Gerpen - thanked Secretary Zimmerman for implementing Honor Guard Funeral Stipend02:11:08
Division of Veterans Benefits - Mission Statement02:11:31
Division of Veterans Benefits - Who We Serve and Services Provided 02:11:40
Division of Veterans Benefits - Service Delivery - Map02:12:15
Division of Veterans Benefits - FY17 Budget Recommendations02:12:55
State Veterans Home - Mission Statement02:13:32
State Veterans Home - Services Provided02:13:46
State Veterans Home - Who We Serve - Demographics Chart02:13:55
State Veterans Home - Open House - Dates02:15:25
Senator Parsley - question when was last Veterans Home open house02:15:43
Representative Hunhoff - question are there unoccupied beds in Veterans Home02:17:49
Representative Hunhoff - question if Veterans Home has medicaid certified beds or skilled beds02:18:50
State Veterans Home - Pictures of new facility02:19:28
State Veterans Home - Pictures of new facility (Continued)02:20:33
State Veterans Home - Pictures of new facility (Continued)02:21:08
State Veterans Home - FY17 Total Recommended Budget $8,466,606 - Items Recommended $376,06402:21:54
State Veterans Home - FY17 Funding Sources - Pie Chart02:22:20
Senator White - question does Veterans Home have medicaid services and receive Title19 payments02:24:03
Representative Hunhoff - question what is the State Veterans Home definition of skilled nursing02:25:05
Representative Hunhoff - question is dementia unit at State Veterans Home considered skilled nursing02:25:40
State Veterans Home - FY16 Budget Compared to FY17 - Pie Chart02:25:55
Senator Tidemann - question how does food service contract work at State Veterans Home02:27:17
Representative Hunhoff - question what kind of training homemakers receive at State Veterans Home02:28:30
Representative Hunhoff - question who conducts training of CNA personnel at State Veterans Home02:29:55
Senator Parsley - question are there problems with mandatory CNA training02:30:16
Senator Omdahl - question if Department of Veterans Affairs works with schools to promote patriotism02:31:30
Senator Heineman - question what is $500,000 Right- Sizing for Veteran Home (as addressed in Governor's Budget Speech on page 18)02:35:04
Ms. Connie Hohn, Budget and Finance Director, Veterans Affairs, will provide follow-up information02:37:25
Senator White - question what is cost to use wood chips to fuel Veterans Home02:39:50
Senator White - question do you use wood chips to heat water 02:41:50
Senator Omdahl - question could you use hot springs to heat Veterans Home02:42:23
Representative Hunhoff - question is there a contract for laundry services at the Veterans Home and is there a cost savings02:43:17
Representative Hunhoff - question what are direct care hours per resident at Veterans Home02:45:50

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