Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Attorney General, Mr. Marty Jackley, introduced staff and presented the FY17 Budget as recommended by the Governor00:00:49
I. A. FY 17 Budget Briefing - Attorney General Chart00:01:55
B. Work Force - Chart00:02:40
C. Governors Recommended Budget - Chart00:05:28
D. Major Expansions and Reductions - Chart00:05:45
Senator Tidemann - question what is trend of Byrne Grant00:08:31
Senator Peters - requested historical trend of Byrne Grant00:09:23
Representative Anderson - question accounting for DCI overtime pay 00:09:40
II. Civil Litigation - A. Civil Litigation Cases Opened - Chart00:11:14
B. Notable Pending Civil Litigation - Chart00:12:45
C. Civil Prisoner Litigation00:15:37
Senator Van Gerpen - question does the State of South Dakota have liabilitiy coverage if sued by a state employee or inmate00:16:24
D. Civil Division Summary - Amount Recovered / Preserved $864.5 Million - Chart00:17:43
E. FY15 Tobacco Activities00:18:35
Senator Heineman - question what amount is paid by tobacco companies annually00:19:33
F. FY15 Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU)00:21:18
G. Consumer Contacts - Phone Calls / E-Mail / Helpline / Correspondence - Chart00:22:43
Senator Van Gerpen - question how many new FTE's will be required from medicaid expansion 00:23:22
Senator Peters - requested additional information what the (MFCU) division does, how (MFCU) is funded, and number of FTE's 00:24:28
Senator Omdahl - question what is the average cost of a medicaid fraud case00:24:39
Senator Heineman - question what are the effects due to increased complexity of provider codes on (MFCU) 00:25:57
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question is volume of medicaid fraud related to number of cases 00:27:02
Senator Parsley - question what is primary source of medicaid fraud - the medical provider or participant 00:28:12
Representative Hunhoff - question what is the trend of in-state and out-of-state medicaid fraud 00:29:20
Senator Omdahl - question is medicaid fraud increase due to numerous provider code choices00:30:20
Representative Romkema - question who discovers medicaid fraud00:30:50
III. Appellate Division Briefs by Calendar Year00:31:36
IV. Criminal Division A. Attorney Criminal Cases By Fiscal Year - Chart00:31:52
B. Notable Cases -- 1) Death Penalty 2) Murder / Manslaughter 3) Vehicular Homicide00:32:25
Notable Cases (Continued) -- 4) Rape 5) Arson 6) Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement Officer 7) Voter Fraud00:35:28
Senator Omdahl - requested additional information for death penalty cases in the last decade00:36:25
Representative Ring - requested list of litigation cost for each death penalty case and death sentencing phase for the past decade00:37:15
IV. Division of Criminal Investigation - A. FY 15 DCI Cases - Chart00:38:20
B. FY13-FY15 DCI Comparison00:38:40
Senator Van Gerpen - question why is there a declining trend in polygraph tests00:41:45
C. 75th Sturgis Rally - 201500:42:55
Representative Hunhoff - question what is trend of reimbursement for overtime law enforcement work at the Sturgis Rally00:43:38
D. Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine Statistics - Calendar Year - Chart00:45:00
Senator Omdahl - question how are methamphetamine arrests made00:46:29
Senator Omdahl - question is there a relationship between methamphetamine use and child abuse00:47:32
Senator Heineman - question how has Senate Bill 70 affected the number of drug arrests00:48:40
Senator Heineman - question is there descretion to use prosecutors to debrief clients in drug courts00:51:18
E. 2015 Methamphetamine - County Chart00:51:45
F. Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) - Most Prescribed Drugs 201500:52:00
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) (Continued)00:52:35
Representative Hunhoff - question how long has the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) existed and requested additional information on program trend 00:53:20
G. Internet Crimes Against Children - (ICAC) - Chart00:54:00
H. DNA Serology - Chart00:55:03
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question how many FTE's are needed and how much time will it take to address DNA / Serology backlog00:58:00
I. Officer Involved Shootings00:59:50
Senator Peters - question why are police officers paid hourly and not salaried employees and requested historical perspective from BFM01:01:07
J. Substance Abuse in Officer Involved Shootings01:01:47
K. Drug Control Fund Distributed to Law Enforcement01:02:28
L. 24/7 Sobriety Program Monies Distributed to Law Enforcement01:03:21
Representative Jensen - question does agency have plan if federal funds diminish01:04:30
Representative Jensen - question what has Office of Attorney General done to work with Unified Judicial System on Senate Bill 7001:06:15
Senator Omdahl - question is law enforcement overworked and is it a burdon to debrief drug court participants01:08:40
Senator Omdahl - question would counties need more money to debrief drug court clients01:10:35
Senator Parsley - question are there more officer involved shootings and vehicular homicides from alcohol rather than from other drugs01:11:06
Senator Omdahl - question did the Charles Mix county homicide case involve THC as well as alcohol01:12:50
Senator Omdahl - question how many vehicular fatalities involve marijuana01:14:27
Representative Hunhoff - question is there an oversite committee to evaluate effectiveness of debriefing program 01:15:40
Senator Heineman - question is there enough oversite of Juvenile Justice Initiative in drug courts 01:16:09
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. David Gilbertson, Unified Judicial System, introduced staff and made general remarks01:19:09
Mr. Greg Sattizahn, State Court Administrator, presented the FY17 Budget Request as recommended by the Governor01:24:20
Unified Judicial System (UJS) - Organizational Chart01:25:33
UJS Judicial Circuits - Map01:26:10
Counties versus State - Who Pays for What?01:26:38
FY17 Funding Level - $52,921,383 - Chart01:29:47
The Judicial Branch Budget - Department Chart01:31:35
FY17 Budget Breakdown by Program - Chart01:32:16
Court Automation Fund (CAF) - Revenues and Expenses01:33:29
Senator White - expressed concerns county officials have about local costs resulting from Senate Bill 70 01:33:33
Senator White - question has increased crime has affected the budget01:37:29
Senator Omdahl - question is there adequate funding for parole officers01:37:50
Senator Heineman - question if oversite council has acted on suggestions for improvement01:39:05
Senator Heineman - question what are Senate Bill 70 oversite council issues01:41:15
Court Automation Fund - Revenue by Type - Chart01:44:18
Court Automation Fund - Projected Revenue and Expenses - Chart01:45:27
Representative Hunhoff - if revenue has increased from the Obligation Recovery Center01:48:52
Senator Heineman - question if technology update for online searches was done and improved01:50:34
FY17 Budget Request - Summary01:53:37
FY17 Budget Request / Major Items01:54:15
Senator Peters - question if funding for two court reporters is a new request 01:56:20
Felony Probationers Statewide - FY10 - FY15 Chart01:57:19
Court Services Officer - 7th Circuit - FY10 - FY15 Chart01:58:00
Presumptive Probation FY15 - Seventh Circuit versus Statewide - Chart01:59:00
Presumptive Probation Outcomes FY15 - Seventh Circuit versus Statewide - Chart02:00:05
Senator Tidemann - question how many circuits are below average statewide probation trend02:01:15
Drug / DUI Courts - Statewide Court Chart02:02:53
Hughes County DUI Court Funding Swap02:03:40
Treatment Funding 02:05:44
Senator Omdahl - question when is growth of FTE's in Drug Courts going to plateau02:05:47
Senator Heineman - question what is status of federal grant for Hughes County02:07:23
Representative Hunhoff - question is the drug court treatment plan implemented at the local level and is there a minimum class size required to be cost effective02:12:20
Representative Hunhoff - question if someone drops out of a drug court class will it still be offered if the class size is less than three people02:12:49
Representative Hunhoff - question is there enough clients to implement treatment in rural areas02:13:56
Senator Parsley - question what is the opportunity cost if funding for expansion of Drug Courts isn't made02:14:39
Senator Omdahl - question if out-of-state residents participate in the Drug Court program and is compensation from other states possible02:15:43
Senator Tidemann - question what is size and where is the location of the new Drug Court in Brookings 02:16:45
Drug / DUI Court Capacity - Chart02:17:43
Drug / DUI Courts Growth - Chart02:20:40
Drug / DUI Court Outcomes - FY12 to FY15 - Performance Measures - Chart02:22:38
Other Budget Request Items02:24:50
Senator White - commented there is a large amount of savings due to decrease use of juvenile detention centers 02:30:55
Senator Omdahl - requested numbers of out-of state versus in-state residents using drug court services02:34:10
Representative Hunhoff - question what is used to derive Drug / Court graduation formula02:34:40
Senator Tidemann - commented on South Dakota workforce shortage and the need for Drug / DUI Courts to keep families together02:36:40
Senator Tidemann - complimented Ms. Janet Borchard for her service02:37:35

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