Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Senator Deb Soholt and Representative Jacqueline Sly presented the Blue Ribbon Task Force Findings00:02:04
State Funding Priorities - Chart00:03:09
State Aid to Education as a Percentage of Total State Budget and Per Student Allocation (PSA) History - Chart00:04:03
Regional Salaries - Chart00:05:28
Regional Salaries Adjusted by Comparable Wage Index - Chart00:05:53
Per Pupil Spending and Teacher Salaries - Chart00:06:57
Reasons Given for Teacher Turnover - Survey Results - Chart00:08:24
Need and Pipeline - Chart00:09:07
Administrator Costs as a Percentage of Total Expenditures - Chart00:10:23
School Administrators per 1,000 Students - Chart00:11:02
Year End Cash and Securities as a Percentage of Total Revenue - Chart00:11:36
Chief of Staff, Mr. Tony Venhuizen, made general comments about the Blue Ribbon Task Force and the new funding formula goals00:12:52
Ms. Tami Darnall, Director of the Division on Finance and Management of the Department of Education, presented the Blue Ribbon Task Force Recommendations: Funding Formula00:17:33
Recommendations for New Funding Formula00:17:43
Funding Formula (Continued)00:18:40
A Shift in Focus00:19:29
Determining the Formula Number of Teachers00:19:56
What is the Target Teacher Ratio?00:20:29
Target Teacher Ratio - Chart00:20:54
Try It! Target Teacher Ratio - Example of Formula00:21:29
Try It! Formula Number of Teachers - Example of Formula00:22:15
Formula Total Teacher Salaries00:23:45
Try It! Formula Total Teacher Salaries - Example of Formula00:24:00
Formula Total Teacher Benefits 00:24:25
Try It! Formula Total Teacher Benefits - Example of Formula00:24:52
Formula Total Teacher Compensation00:25:15
Try It! Formula Total Teacher Compensation - Example of Formula00:25:30
Additional Expenses00:25:54
Determining the Amount for Overhead00:27:03
Try It! Determining the Amount for Overhead - Example of Formula00:27:17
Formula Total Need 00:27:33
Try It! Formula Total Need - Example of Formula00:27:47
State and Local Effort00:28:08
Senator Omdahl - question if summer vacation is considered a teacher benefit00:28:40
Senator Omdahl - question if task force took income taxes into consideration when comparing wages with surrounding states00:30:33
Fund Balance Caps00:35:00
Pension Levy00:37:12
More Information00:40:02
Senator Parsley - question will new funding formula result in a reduction in number of teachers00:40:22
Senator Parsley - expressed concern from survey results regarding reasons teachers leave 00:44:24
Senator Van Gerpen - question about Regional Salaries Adjusted By Comparable Wage Index Chart -- why did South Dakota teacher salaries fall further below North Dakota teacher salaries in years 2011 to 2013 00:49:33

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