Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Dennis Kaemingk, Secretary of the Department of Corrections00:01:56
Four areas of change are:00:03:10
Reduction in Juvenile Corrections00:03:11
Right-sizing of the Penitentiary Budget00:03:12
Funding Swaps00:03:13
Increases in Correctional Health, Capital Assets and Food Services00:03:14
Mission Statement00:04:30
Facilities and Locations00:05:04
FY17 Governor's Recommended Budget $109,736,30600:05:27
FY17 Major Budget Changes Overview00:06:35
Senator Parsley question - why are federal funds being reduced00:09:03
FCC/Telephone information00:10:13
Reduction in Springfield Vocational Industries00:11:09
Reduction in School Breakfast/Lunch funding for inmates 18-21 years old00:11:38
Representative Hunhoff question - reduced activity in Springfield industries00:12:23
Senator Omdahl question - expansion at the penitentiary00:13:53
Breakdown of the FY2017 Governor's Recommended Budget $109,736,30600:14:43
Total general funds $100,099,175, an increase of $3,661,260 or 3.8%00:15:59
The total FY17 budget is a reduction of $7,911,598 or 6.7%00:16:51
Reducing FTEs by 57.2 or 6.6%00:17:00
Senator Van Gerpen question - shortage of correctional officers at Mike Durfey Prison00:17:25
Explanation of FTE reduction00:17:45
Difficulty filling correctional officer positions00:19:30
Representative Romkema question - FTEs00:20:20
Representative Partridge question - adult average daily population00:21:35
Senator Omdahl question - comparison of FY16 and FY17 performance indicators00:24:40
Senator Tidemann question - reducing staff/increasing overtime expenditures00:25:44
Representative Hunhoff question - mandatory overtime00:29:24
FY17 Major Budget Changes Overview00:29:39
Representative Hunhoff question - metrics for the Community Transition Program00:31:50
Administration FY2017 Budget Changes00:32:25
$354,106 funding change from Other to General00:32:26
$125,000 in general funds for 5-year computer replacement plan00:32:29
Laurie Feiler, Deputy Secretary - Adult Corrections00:33:10
Total FY17 budget is a decrease of $616,494 with an increase in general funds of $7,961,48200:33:40
Average Daily Population of Adult Inmates for the entire prison population00:34:10
FY16 and FY17 projections are exactly as projected by the PEW Study00:34:55
The goal of the PEW Study was to slow prison population growth00:35:07
Representative Anderson question - are county numbers being tracked00:36:15
Bob Dooley, Director of Prison Operations Mike Durfee State Prison - Springfield00:38:38
Mike Durfee State Prison - Springfield00:38:58
Average Daily Count FY 2004-201700:41:28
Mike Durfee State Prison FY17 Budget Changes (includes Yankton & Rapid City Units)00:41:34
Decrease of $876,679 in other funds and an increase of $576,622 in general funds00:41:53
Increase of $804,281 in general funds and a decrease of $40,022 in federal and $537,097 in other funds00:42:04
Senator Parsley question - what makes up the other funds00:42:42
Senator Van Gerpen question - staff turnover performance indicators00:45:03
Representative Hunhoff question - maximum capacity at Rapid City and Yankton00:45:40
Current Population Numbers: Yankton: 222, Rapid City: 212, Springfield: 122300:46:20
SD State Penitentiary G. Norton Jameson Annex in Sioux Falls00:46:43
Average Daily Count for the State Penitentiary Campus00:47:38
FY2017 Budget Changes for the State Penitentiary00:47:46
Increase of $552,672 in general and 1.0 FTE, a decrease of $64,487 federal and $336,012 other funds00:47:49
Senator Tidemann question - how many inmates earn their GED00:49:20
Senator Parsley question - percentage of inmates without a high school diploma00:51:05
Increase of $1,931,290 in general and a decrease of $418,486 in federal and $933,512 in other funds for a variety of programs.00:51:58
Current Population: 748 at the Penitentiary, 511 at Jameson, 24 Federal Inmates and 228 at the Workcenter00:53:24
SD Women's Prison in Pierre00:53:50
Average Daily Count for the Women's Prison00:57:00
FY2017 Budget Changes for the Women's Prison00:57:10
Increase of $54,948 in general funds and decrease of $53,802 in other funds in personal services00:57:25
Increase of $282,809 in general funds, a decrease of $11,512 in federal and $264,886 in other funds due to a funding change00:57:37
Senator Tidemann question - equipment replacement00:58:00
Representative Romkema question - work skills for women01:00:22
Senator Van Gerpen question - are inmates restricted in certain work areas01:01:30
Women's Prison Population: 201 in Main Facility, 96 in Unit E (minimum) and 111 at the Community Work Center01:02:57
Senator Tidemann question - update on Meth Program01:03:15
FY17 request for 2 additional FTE in carpentry shop and license plate shop01:03:53
Pheasantland Industries01:04:25
Pheasantland Industries Shops01:06:33
Senator Omdahl question - cost per day difference between men and women prisoners01:06:55
Inmate Services: healthcare, classification, transfers and scheduling, sex offender management, community services, risk reduction01:08:28
Inmate Services FY17 Budget Changes:01:09:14
Funding swap in personal services of $441,585 general and a decrease of $679,390 in other01:09:20
Increase in Operating expense of $2,379,390 in general and decrease of $768 in federal and $951,245 in other funds01:10:11
Representative Hunhoff question - do any inmates receive treatment at HSC or Redfield01:10:59
Parole Services: Board of Pardon & Paroles and Parole Agents01:12:19
39 Field Parole Agents, 3 Supervisors and 1 Tribal Parole Agent01:13:25
Parole Services Average End of Month Count01:13:53
FY2017 Parole Services Budget Changes01:15:30
Personal Services: Funding change of $216,942 in general and a decrease of $249,990 in other funds01:15:35
Change in Personal Services includes $6,000 for Board compensation and $12,952 for an Intern01:15:46
Increase of $204,842 in general funds for the Community Transition Program01:16:45
Community Transition Program Outcomes (St. Francis House)01:19:00
Increase of $111,000 in general funds for the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribal parole agreement01:20:02
Increase of $118,000 in general funds for a second tribal parole agreement01:20:20
Representative Hunhoff question - do Tribal governments provide funding for this program01:21:16
Senator Omdahl question - do parole agents stay with their parolee01:22:48
Increase of $133,101 in general funds for jailing costs and $25,000 in general funds for offender transports01:25:17
Senator Tidemann question - total jail cost going to counties01:26:09
Representative Ring question - Evidence that "Ban the Box" works01:27:13
Senator Heineman question - most important performance indicators01:28:50
Representative Hunhoff question - information on individuals that have left prison and parole 01:30:21
Senator White question - recidivism of inmates who receive a GED vs. those that do not01:31:30
Senator Van Gerpen question - recidivism rate 01:33:26
Juvenile Corrections01:34:55
Doug Herrmann, Juvenile Services Director01:35:00
Total Budget Reduction of $7,458,689 and 60.2 FTE 01:35:27
Average Daily Population of Juveniles in Placement and on Aftercare01:36:00
Juvenile Community Corrections01:38:00
FY2017 Juvenile Community Corrections Budget Changes01:38:52
Total Reduction at Star Academy total $3,115,47901:39:55
Decrease of 4.5 FTE and $252,919 for 4 JCAs and .5 FTE clerical01:39:59
Decrease in Operating Funds of $1,845,701 in general funds and $1,677,221 in federal funds01:40:20
Star Academy - All Program FY17 Budget Changes01:40:47
Reducing capacity at Star Academy in FY17 to 48 01:40:50
Senator Heineman question - closing of youth facilities across the state01:41:32
Total budget reduction of $3,115,479, 55.7 FTE including $2,719,293 in general funds01:44:37
Representative Hunhoff question - breakout of youth placement01:45:15
Senator Omdahl question - success of parolees01:45:57
Mission Statement for Juvenile Corrections01:46:57
Sheila Weber and Justin Smith - South Dakota Association of Youth Care Providers01:49:12
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell comments on fewer youth in the correction system01:50:40
Senator Heineman question - is there appropriate capacity at the community level01:50:45
Correctional Health01:54:30
Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health01:54:36
Joan Adam, Division of Administration Director for the Department of Health01:55:30
Organizational Chart01:55:44
87 FTE assigned to Correctional Health include nurses, physicians, physicians assistants, dentists and dental hygienists 01:56:20
Contracted medical providers are also part of Correctional Health01:56:30
Goal of Correctional Health is to provide as much care inside the walls as possible01:56:50
Correctional Health provides a full continum of health care services 01:57:02
eEmergency update01:57:40
eConsultation update01:58:14
Correctional Health is the payer of health care services01:58:40
Health Care services include Medical Case Management, Utilization Review and Cost Savings Measures01:58:45
Costs for the Top 25 have greatly increased in the first 6 months of FY1602:01:31
CHC Top 25 History02:02:20
Top 25 Inmates in FY15 cost $2,509,713.6802:03:41
Top 25 Inmates in first 6 months of FY16 cost $1,579,834.2602:04:18
Correction Health Top 25% of Total Cost per Age Group02:04:54
Senator White question - what percentage of the population are 50 and over02:05:50
Other Trends - More inmates incurring higher costs02:06:50
SB 48 - increase request for Correctional Health with a major portion for Hepatitis C treatment02:08:24
Hepatitis C: 36 inmates are being evaluated for treatment02:09:32
Level of disease and length of sentence are considered when determining treatment02:10:00
FY14 - 2 inmates received treatment at a cost of $82,00002:10:40
FY15 - 5 inmates received treatment at a cost of $701,56602:10:48
FY16 YTD - 3 inmates are receiving treatment at a cost of $311,95602:11:01
Projecting to treat 4 more inmates in FY16 at a cost of $645,00002:11:06
FY17 - projecting to treat 9 inmates at a cost of $724,00002:11:09
Senator Peters question - cost savings of treating inmates with Hepatitis C02:11:18
Senator White question - difference in costs for FY17 projections02:13:59
The cost of Hepatitis drugs has gone down through price negotiations 02:14:26
Representative Hunhoff question - are inmates screened for health conditions02:16:28
Senator Omdahl question - precautionary measures regarding Hepatitis C02:18:13
Correctional Health FY17 Governor's Recommended Budget Summary02:19:15
2.7% inflation rate for contracted medical provider services at a cost of $36,35202:19:30
Inflation at a cost of $1,086,63002:19:50
Hepatitis C Treatment at an increase of $224,00002:20:20
FY17 Budget Request totals $21,043,23902:20:40
FY17 Requested Other Fund Increase totals $1,346,98202:20:50
Inmate Health Care Total Expenditures for DSS and DOH02:21:20
FY17 Correctional Healthcare Recommended Budget totals $22,981,44002:21:21
Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of the Department of Health02:23:41
Department of Health FY17 Funding Sources02:24:13
$9,315,278 in General Funds, $41,079,264 in Federal Funds and $43,870,239 in Other Funds02:24:38
FY17 Governor's Budget Recommendation02:24:58
431.4 FTE and $94,264,78102:25:12
Tom Martinec, Deputy Secretary/Health Systems Development & Regulation Director02:25:20
Requesting 2.0 FTE and $159,645 in general fund expansion for regulatory work02:25:38
Total budget reduction in Federal Fund authority of $1,855,36102:26:00
Total increase in Other Fund authority is $1,749,42602:26:25
Division of Administration - a decrease of $150,000 in federal fund authority02:27:00
Health Systems Development & Regulation - Licensure & Certification - 2.0 FTE and $159,645 general fund expansion02:27:30
Health Care Facility Provider Types02:29:20
Health Systems Development & Regulation - Licensure & Certification Facilities02:30:15
Health Systems Development & Regulation - Licensure & Certification Beds02:30:34
Complaint Inspections have tripled in the last 3 years02:31:25
Senator Omdahl question - what prompts the complaints02:32:04
Representative Romkema question - how many actual complaints02:32:50
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell question - were the complaints legitimate02:33:14
Representative Hunhoff question - number of beds in assisted living centers02:33:58
Assisted Living Centers update02:35:40
Representative Hunhoff question - is the frequency of inspections mandated by the state02:38:15
Representative Anderson question - proposed legislation on elder abuse02:39:15
Health Systems Development & Regulation Recruitment Assistance Program02:40:25
$518,600 general fund expansion to reimburse 9 participants in FY1702:41:19
Senator Omdahl question - state's payment obligation depends on size of community02:42:05
Representative Hunhoff question - are the listed costs state or community costs02:42:30
Health Systems Development & Regulation Rural Health Facility Recruitment Assistance02:42:56
$277,500 general fund expansion for 40 health professionals in FY1702:43:20
Representative Hunhoff question - location of facilities02:43:48
Health Systems Development & Regulation Health Protection Inspections02:44:32
$5,913 general fund increase due to an increase in the inspection rate02:44:38
Representative Hunhoff question - how are rates determined and what do the rates cover02:45:12
Representative Cronin question - adding increases to base budget for Recruitment Assistance and Facility Recruitment Programs02:46:36
Colleen Winter, Division of Family and Community Health Director02:47:15
Received $150,000 in FY16 for development of a billing system02:47:28
In FY17 a portion of the system will be completed with an ongoing need at $70,000/year02:48:10
Decrease of $1,500,000 in federal fund authority from ARRA funds02:48:30
Representative Anderson question - immunization billing system02:48:48
Correctional Health FY2017 Governor's Recommended Budget Summary02:49:00
Representative Ring question - what is the "other inflation" in Correctional Health02:49:36
Representative Anderson concerns re:immunization program in schools02:51:07
Representative Hunhoff question - statistics and performance indicators02:53:11
Colleen Winter explained the Breast and Cervical Cancer screening program02:54:00
Representative Hunhoff question - HIV and STD disease investigations02:55:30

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