Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Mr. Timothy Reish, Adjutant General, Department of Military, introduced staff and presented the FY17 budget as recommended by the Governor - Page 100:02:08
Agenda - Page 200:03:00
Mission - Page 300:03:08
Vision - Page 400:03:20
Values - Page 500:03:38
South Dakota National Guard Strategy Map - Page 600:03:45
National ARNG Unit Rankings - Page 700:05:04
National Awards - National Guard Bureau's Superior Unit Award - Page 800:06:25
National Awards - 153rd Engineer Battalion received M.G. Milton A. Reckford Trophy - Page 900:06:48
National Awards - Company C, 1-189th Aviation Regiment received the General John J. Pershing Trophy - Page 1000:07:12
National Awards - Battery A, 1/147th Field Artillery Battalion earned the National Guard Association of the United States' Certificate of Victory - Page 1100:07:23
National Awards - South Dakota Army National Guard is finalist for Army Communities of Excellence - Page 1200:07:30
Army Communities of Excellence 2016 - Page 1300:07:40
National Awards - 114th Fighter Wing - Distinguished Flying Unit in 2015 - Page 1400:08:15
National Awards - 114th Fighter Wing was awarded Major General John J Pesch Flight Safety Trophy - Page 1500:08:40
National Awards - Air Force Outstanding Unit Award in Year 2015 - Page 1600:08:51
Senator Heineman - question why is the South Dakota Department of Military having so much success00:09:58
Senator Omdahl - question will the F35 will replace the F16 and what will happen to older planes00:11:05
Department of the Military - 2016 Budget and 2017 Request - Page 1700:12:16
South Dakota National Guard - Annual Economic Impact $169,224,273 - Page 1800:12:36
Budget Divisions - Chart - Page 1900:13:20
Department of the Military FY2017 Requested Budget - $24,570,523 - Pie Chart - Page 2000:13:45
Workforce Breakdown - Department of the Military -104.4 FTE Chart - Page 2100:14:25
Major Increases & Reductions - Page 2200:15:06
Office of the Adjutant General - 2016 Budget and 2017 Request - Page 2300:15:55
Proposed Board of Regents Tuition Enhancement Package - Page 2400:16:20
Senator Heineman - question does the National Guard benefit include a percentage of tuition and fees00:17:35
Senator Parsley - question do out-of-state guard members receive proposed BOR tuition enchancement package00:19:38
Army National Guard - Page 2500:20:15
Army National Guard - 2016 Budget and 2017 Request - Page 2600:20:20
Army National Guard - Personnel Statistics - Page 2700:23:05
Senator Tidemann - question will proposed personnel reduction be handled through retirements00:26:15
Army National Guard - South Dakota Aging Armories - Page 2800:27:30
Army National Guard - South Dakota Aging Armories (Continued) - Page 2900:27:46
Senator Parsley - question what are lead levels at Madison Armory 00:28:42
Army National Guard - Armories and Locations - Map - Page 3100:30:04
Army National Guard - South Dakota's Aging Armories (Continued) - Page 3000:33:30
Representative Partridge - question is there a trend to reduce number of armories00:33:40
Army National Guard - Sustainment Projects - Page 3200:34:55
Army National Guard - Modernization Project - Page 3300:35:12
Army National Guard - Energy Projects - Page 3400:35:23
Army National Guard - Current Deployments - Page 3500:35:36
Army National Guard - Future Deployments - Page 3600:35:52
Army National Guard - Future Challenges - Page 3700:36:08
Representative Romkema - question how long are deployments00:36:23
Senator Heineman - question are Sustainment and Maintenance Projects outside of M&R00:36:51
Air National Guard - Page 3800:37:05
Air National Guard - 2016 Budget and 2017 Request - Page 3900:37:10
Air National Guard - Personnel Statistics - Page 4000:38:41
Air National Guard - Military Construction - Page 4100:39:42
Air National Guard - Deployments - Page 4200:40:07
USS South Dakota (SSN 790) - Senate Bill 114 - Page 4300:40:52
Air National Guard - Challenges Ahead - Page 4400:41:20
State Active Duty Responses - Page 4500:41:31
South Dakota National Guard Fallen Heroes - Fallen - Page 4600:41:51
South Dakota National Guard - Joint Force Headquarters - Page 4700:42:02
Questions - Page 4800:42:15
Senator Tidemann - thanked Department of Military for service 00:42:45
Dr. Michael Rush, Executive Director and CEO, Board of Regents, introduced staff and made opening remarks - Page 100:44:15
Stewardship of Public Higher Education in South Dakota - Board of Regents - Page 200:44:20
Mr. Randy Schaefer, President, Board of Regents, presented Strategic Plan: Our Vision and Mission - Page 300:47:15
The 2020 Mission Statement - Page 400:48:39
Goal - 65 Percent by 2025! - Page 500:49:45
65 Percent by 2025! - Page 600:50:15
Projected Revenues from Meeting 65% Goal - Graph - Page 700:51:11
Our Goals: Public Higher Education is Vital to South Dakota's Prosperity - Student Success - Page 800:52:20
Our Goals: Public Higher Education is Vital to South Dakota's Prosperity - Academic Quality and Performance - Page 900:52:44
Representative Hunhoff- question what is definition of baseline for BOR Goals listed in the BOR Fact Book FY16 (Pages 4 and 5)00:53:50
Our Goals: Public Higher Education is Vital to South Dakota's Prosperity - Research and Economic Development - Page 1000:56:05
Our Goals: Public Higher Education is Vital to South Dakot's Prosperity - Affordability and Accountability - Page 1100:56:30
Representative Hunhoff - question why has Board of Regents experienced a short term decline in their Strategic Goals00:58:19
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question what is licensure passage rate trend and requested comparative data 00:59:16
Representative Romkema - commented on attorneys and referred to page 27 of BOR Fact Book FY1601:02:20
Senator Heineman - requested clarification what is licensure passage rates on page 5 of the BOR Fact Book FY1601:03:05
Senator Parsley - commented and made suggestions to improve BOR Fact Book FY16 Charts01:03:55
Competition in the Region - FY16 as Compared to FY08 Undergraduate Resident Tuition and Required Fees - Chart - Page 1201:04:35
State Support Impacts Affordability - The 2014 tuition freeze, supported by the Governor and the Legislature, improved affordability for SD students - Chart - Page 1301:08:00
Senator Heineman - question does the Board of Regents have a cost management plan01:10:55
Senator Heineman - question what measures do the Board of Regents take to be cost effective01:12:34
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question are there higher education courses that could transfer among South Dakota Public Universities to be efficient01:14:05
Dr. Paul Turman, System Vice President of Academic Affairs, responded01:15:30
Representative Hunhoff - question do efficiency requirements apply to graduate programs01:18:14
Representative Ring - commented that each University is unique and does not expect complete uniformity among regental system01:18:45
Dr. Mike Rush, Executive Director & CEO, Board of Regents presented The State of Public Higher Education in South Dakota - Page 1401:22:25
Higher Education as an Economic Engine - Page 1501:24:38
Higher Education in South Dakota - Economic Engine -List- Page 1601:24:45
Attracts Income - Page 1701:25:40
Generates Income - Page 1801:26:40
Attracts Business - Page 1901:27:00
Milken Institute Study on Economic Development - Page 2001:27:21
Milken Institute Study - A Matter of Degrees - Page 2101:27:55
Enchances Individual Income - Page 2201:28:05
Return on Investment by Degree Level (Year 2013) - Page 2301:28:19
New USD High-Paying Jobs by Degree Level (2010 - 2014) Chart - Page 2401:28:34
Impact of Education on Income - Chart - Page 2501:29:05
Strengthening South Dakota Economic, Social, and Human Capital - Page 2601:29:16
Accountability to our Students and Citizens - Page 2701:29:45
Measuring Our Progress - Ensuring Accountability and Transparency - Page 2801:30:15
Improving Student Preparation and Retention - Page 2901:31:15
Representative Hunhoff - question what is BOR doing to prevent remedial course work01:33:35
Representative Hunhoff - question why are mediation rates increasing over the past two years (referring to Page 39 of Budget Briefing) and requested follow-up01:35:15
Representative Jensen - question what is the cost of medial coursework and is the BOR working with the Department of Education to prevent remediation01:36:11
Senator Tidemann - question does the Board of Regents have an open enrollment policy01:37:54
Senator Parsley - question are students denied enrollment before or after remedial coursework01:38:37
Fostering On-Time Degree Completion - Page 3001:39:10
Improving System Completion - Chart - Page 3101:41:10
Helping At-Risk Students Succeed - Chart - Page 3201:41:15
Filling the Workforce Pipeline - Chart - Page 3301:41:45
2020 Vision: The South Dakota Science and Innovation Strategy - Page 3401:42:00
Responsive Academic Programming (Since 2011) - Chart - Page 3501:42:06
Academic Programming for Economic Development - Page 3601:42:50
Senator Van Gerpen - question who has the authority to set minimum number of credit hours to graduate01:43:15
Representative Hunhoff- question what start year was used for Baccalaureate Degree completion statistics (Page 21 BOR Fact Book FY16) and what happens to students that didn't complete degree01:44:10
Producing Graduates with Information-Age Skills and Knowledge - Page 3701:47:30
Research is Economic Development - SDBOR Research Activity FY00-FY15 - Chart - Page 3901:47:40
Fact Check: What Kind of Graduates Does a Major South Dakota Employer Hire - Page 3801:48:05
Research is Job Development - Page 4001:49:10
FY17 Budget Request - Page 4101:49:30
State HEFF Match - Year Four of Four - (LRC Budget Briefing Pages 4 & 6 ) - Page 4201:49:45
Senator Parsley - question why is 2% replacement value used01:51:12
Resident State-Support Tuition Freeze - (LRC Budget Briefing Page 7) - Page 4301:51:50
FY17 Proposal to Prepay BOR Bonds and Fund a Tuition Freeze for Resident Students - Chart - Page 4401:52:20
Lower State Support Drives Higher Tuition - Chart - Page 4501:53:00
National Guard, Teacher and State Employee Tuition Support (LRC Budget Briefing Pages 4, 13, and 14) - Page 4601:53:15
National Guard, Teacher and State Employee Tuition Support - (LRC Budget Briefing Page 7) - Page 4701:53:20
South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship - (LRC Budget Briefing, Page 10) - Page 4801:54:34
REED Network Equipment Replacement - (LRC Budget Briefing Page 8) - Page 4901:54:39
Re-Establishing Value - (LRC Budget Briefing - Page 10) - Page 5001:54:55
Representative Hunhoff- question how many students use the Opportunity Scholarship all four years -( Page 42 BOR Fact Book FY16) and requested additional information01:55:15
Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment - (LRC Budget Briefing Pages 4, 12, and 13) - Page 5101:56:30
Need Based Scholarship Endowment - (FY16 GB Amendement - SB 48 and SB 67) - Page 5201:57:11
Need Based Scholarship Endowment - Chart - Page 5301:57:43
Public Perception - The Affordability Disconnect - Page 5401:58:15
Senator White - question how has dual credit opportunities prevent students from taking remedial coursework 01:58:24
The Obstacles - Completion Rates by Income - Chart - Page 5501:58:30
The Obstacles - Abilility to Pay for Higher Education - Page 5601:58:40
Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory Design Study - Page 5701:59:00
Mission - Page 5801:59:30
Senator White - question has the Dual Credit Program help prepare students for college02:00:09
Senator Tidemann - question what is the success of the Dual Credit and Advanced Placement Programs in post-secondary education02:02:01
Senator Tidemann - question are dual credits accepted at out-of-state institutions02:03:58
Senator Tidemann - question are students taking dual credits academically successful and is there supporting data02:04:55
Representative Ring - question who teaches dual credit courses02:06:03
Representative Ring - question are dual credit courses offered on campus02:06:45
Representative Hunhoff - question what is the academic level of students taking dual credit courses02:07:15
Representative Hunhoff - question is the Board of Regents following the success of students who took several dual credit courses02:08:22
Senator Heineman - question why are South Dakota tuition rates higher than the national average (Lower State Support Drives Higher Tuition Chart - Page 45) 02:09:55
Senator Omdahl - question are online degree opportunities adversely affecting attendance on campus02:13:00
Dr. Tom Jackson, President, Black Hills State University, introduced staff and presented university report02:15:39
Perceptions of an Aspiring University Student - Page 202:19:24
Ms. Kathy Johnson, Vice President for Finance & Administration, BHSU, presented information that a qualifying student could receive an education at BHSU for $11,00002:22:40
Representative Hunhoff - question do the affordable tuition statistics include Rapid City (BHSU-RC) students02:24:42
Senator Heineman - question does the financial aid package depend on a particular type of degree02:25:25
Representative Romkema - question is the BHSU Business School accredited02:26:06
Community Synergy - Black Hills State University Video - Page 302:27:45
Quick Facts - Business, Education, and Science - Page 402:30:29
Where Anything is Possible - BHSU Video - Page 502:32:19
Cost Savings - Increasing Efficiencies - Chart - Page 602:33:44
Representative Jensen - question how many graduating teachers from BHSU stay in South Dakota and requested information02:38:15
All Taught By Teachers - Statistics - Page 702:39:25
Black Hills State University - Rapid City - List of Programs - Page 802:39:59
BHSU Has One of the Only Underground Campuses in the World - Page 902:42:20
Veterans and American Indians - Page 1002:43:20
Senator Heineman - question what is working to retain Native Americans at BHSU02:45:10
Representative Hunhoff- what percent of faculty are Native American and requested information02:46:05
Spearfish - Interactive Virtual Map - Page 1102:47:00
Representative Romkema - question what is BHSU funding compared to a technical institute02:47:23
Representative Romkema - question has lack of funding caused problems to retain faculty02:48:43
Senator Peters - question what percentage of students are attending the BHSU-RC Campus and BHSU Campus and how is funding calculated for each campus and requested additional information02:50:00
Dr. James M. Smith, President, Northern State University, introduced staff and presented the university report02:54:44
Overview - Northern State University - Page 202:56:45
Recognized Achievement - Accreditations - Page 302:59:21
Workforce Development - Largest Programs and Newest Programs - Page 403:00:00
Growing Master's Programs - Banking and Financial Services and Music Education - Page 603:02:25
Representative Hunhoff- question are traditional or non-traditional students enrolled in master programs03:03:25
Student Success Initiatives - Title III Grant and Starfish Early Alert - Page 703:04:40
Senator Heineman - question is Title III Grant only available at NSU03:05:44
Student Success Initiatives - TRIO Student Support Grant - Page 803:07:25
Student Academic Highlights - Honors Program - Page 903:08:55
Student Academic Highlights - List of Student Achievements - Page 1003:10:10
Student Athletic Highlights - List of Student Achievements- Page 1103:11:20
Campus Improvements - Johnson Fine Arts Center Renovation and Greehouse - Page 1203:12:30
Campus Improvements - FY16 M&R Projects Budgeted at $2.16 million - Page 1303:14:20
Maximize State Investment - Cost Savings Initiatives - Page 1403:15:30
Grant-Funded Initiatives - Page 1503:16:35
Meeting SD Education Needs - NSU Center for Statewide E-Learning - Page 1603:17:30
Meeting SD Education Needs - Statewide E-Learning Map - Page 1703:17:45
Representative Jensen - question what are the barriers to prevent more e-learning in rural areas and how much funding is needed to expand program - NSU will send follow-up 03:20:15
Senator Heineman - question is there data that shows E-Learning is succeeding and complimented NSU online teaching program03:21:30
Senator Heineman - question is recruiting online teachers difficult 03:23:20
Representative Romkema - question is the number of online students continuing to increase at a rapid pace03:24:38
Ms. Veronica Paulson, Vice President for Finance and Administration, responded to Representative Jensen's question03:25:58
Thank You - Page 1803:26:17
Ms. Marjorie Kaiser, Superintendent, South Dakota School for the Deaf and South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, introduced staff and presented school report - Page 103:28:45
Mission and Vision - Page 203:29:00
Strategic Priorities 2013 - 2016 - South Dakota School for the Deaf - Page 303:33:15
Pictures - South Dakota School for the Deaf Mobile Van and Students - Page 403:33:35
Representative Hunhoff - question what has early intervention screening done for South Dakota School for the Deaf enrollment 03:38:07
Representative Hunhoff - question are there specific causes for hearing loss03:39:35
Representative Partridge - question what is the relationship between Augustana University and the South Dakota School for the Deaf03:39:45
Strategic Plan - South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Chart - Page 603:41:00
Senator Heineman - question what are the alternatives when Augustana University eliminates their deaf education teacher program03:46:26
Pictures - 3-D Printer and Students - SD School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Page 703:47:05
Representative Hunhoff - question is the outreach program working for the South Dakota's Specialized Schools 03:47:22
Representative Hunhoff - question are ocular implants working for students03:48:30
Representative Hunhoff - question how much time does the Specialized School staff work with adults03:49:19
Senator Heineman - complimented Ms. Kaiser for work03:50:00
Representative Cronin - commended Ms. Kaiser for her important work and shared personal experience with school03:50:35

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