Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Minutes Approval00:03:00
Mr. David Chicoine, President, South Dakota State University, introduced staff and presented university report - Page 1 00:04:15
South Dakota State University - Enrollment - Map - Page 200:04:40
Operating Budget Authority FY16 - Chart - Page 300:05:20
Academic Excellence - Goal 1 - Performance Indicator - Baseline FY13 to FY15 - Page 400:06:44
Academic Excellence - Goal 1 (Continued) - Page 500:08:30
Senator Omdahl - question how many U.S. and International Ph.D. students attend South Dakota State University00:09:10
Student Success - Goal 1- Initial Model (Years 2010-2014) and Refreshed Model (Years 2015-2019) - Page 600:10:53
Representative Hunhoff - question how many students graduated from student success program and how to you measure student progress00:14:30
Workforce Survey - Goals 1 and 2 - Graduation and Placement - Page 700:16:34
Senator Van Gerpen - question what type of degree did students obtain to gain employment in South Dakota00:18:10
Workforce - Goals 1 and 2 - Page 800:19:07
Senator Omdahl - question where do out-of-state students come from that attend South Dakota State University00:19:11
Senator Heineman - question can a student soley take online classes at SDSU and receive a degree00:21:05
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell- question what is criteria of the best online college and President Chicoine will provide follow-up00:21:20
Research and Economic Development - Goal 2 - Performance Indicator and Research Park at SDSU - Page 900:23:30
High-Performing University - Goal 4 - Efficiencies and Data Driven Decision Making - Page 1000:26:00
Senator Heineman - question will Office of Continuous Improvement have ten teams provide expertise to other South Dakota schools and private industries00:29:22
Achieving Efficiencies - Chart - Page 1100:30:38
Senator Tidemann- question is this model unique to SDSU and could other universities use it00:33:05
Senator Heineman - question are adequate resources available in all levels of coursework00:34:34
Per Academic Year Pricing at Nearby Competition: Tuition Freeze - Page 1200:36:01
FY17 Proposal and Impacts - University Support Fee as part of tuition and REED Network Router Replacement - Page 1300:36:16
Maintenance and Repair - Page 1400:37:00
Maintenance and Repair - $8.38 million planned for FY17 - Page 1500:38:40
Legislation - Special Bills and Governor's Bills - Page 1600:39:18
Senator White - comment how South Dakota tuition freeze made the state more competative with surrounding states00:39:57
Senator Tidemann - Announcement that President Chicoine is going to retire as President of SDSU and commended his performance 00:40:36
Representative Bordeaux - commended SDSU for work with tribal colleges00:42:22
Mr. Barry Dunn, Dean of College of Agriculture and Biological Science, presented South Dakota Agricultural Experimental Research Station (SDAES) report00:43:06
South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Research at SDSU - Page 1700:43:07
Mission of SDAES - Page 1800:43:44
What is SDAES - FY16 Budget Authority $44.9M - Pie Chart - Page 1900:44:25
What is SDAES - FY15 External Research Funds $13.5M - Pie Chart - Page 2000:44:55
What is SDAES - People and Locations - Map - Page 2100:46:03
Recent Highlights - Research Expenditures, Grants and Contracts, and Eight New Faculty - Page 2200:47:04
Recent Highlights - South Dakota Oilseed Research Initiative (FY13) and U.S. Navy Blue Angels Performance in August 2016 - Page 2300:48:00
Challenges - List - Page 2400:49:22
Representative Hunhoff - question what is process to introduce and promote Ethiopian Mustard Seed farming00:50:35
Senator Tidemann - requested explanation how Mustard Seed Advisory Board helps promote production00:52:00
Senator Parsley - question if mustard seed has been developed for value added fuel production00:52:50
Representative Hunhoff - question if contracts with private companies help fund research00:55:03
Representative Cronin - question if facility is working to prevent neonicotinoids killing pollinators00:56:05
SDSU Extension - Page 2501:00:04
Mission of SDSU Extension - Page 2601:00:22
What is SDSU Extension --$19.4M Budget Authority- SDSU Extension FY16 Budget Authority - Chart - Page 2701:00:47
What is SDSU Extension - People and Locations - Map - Page 2801:01:28
What is SDSU Extension - 4-H Club Enrollment and 4-H Adult Volunteers01:02:13
Senator Van Gerpen - question how does a local 4-H club apply for a grant with independent tax identification number01:03:45
Senator Tidemann - questions why are 4-H participants being charged a fee for entries at the State Fair and how much money is raised and how are funds used01:06:11
Senator Tidemann and Senator White- expressed concern of rising cost of 4-H program at State Fair01:08:01
What is SDSU Extension - Website Page Views and Visitors - Page 3001:09:05
Recent Highlights - 2014 USDA Farm Bill Education and USDA Margin Protection Program - Page 3101:09:58
Recent Highlights - Beginning Farmer and Rancher Symposium - Page 3201:10:57
Recent Highlights - Steps to Wellness Physical Activity Project - Page 3301:11:33
Recent Highlights - Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program and Dakota Fresh - Page 34 01:12:16
Representative Hunhoff - question how are regulations affecting Dakota Fresh Program01:13:36
Recent Highlights - $2.9M in Grant and Contract Awards in FY15 and Current Programmatic Emphases List- Page 3501:14:45
Challenges - Page 3601:15:15
Senator Parsley - emphasized importance in production of mustard seed01:16:12
Representative Jensen - question what is vision for Discovery Center in Brookings and who are SDSU's private partners01:16:52
Mr. Jim Abbott, President, University of South Dakota, introduced staff and presented academic report01:19:41
FY2017 Budget Hearings - Joint Appropriations Committee - Student Success - Page 101:19:42
Student Success - List - Page 201:25:20
Faculty Success - List - Page 301:29:05
Expanding the Workforce - List - Page 401:30:03
University Recognition - Page 501:31:44
Research and Service - Page 601:32:40
Moving Forward - Onward Capital Campaign - Pie Chart - Goal $250,000,000 - Page 701:34:50
Moving Forward - Discovery District and Gear II - Page 801:35:40
Moving Forward - Facilities Management Building and Health Sciences Building - Page 901:41:20
Representative Jensen - question how would have $300,000 in Discovery Center funds been used if planned in Governor's Budget 01:44:09
Senator White - question what is lease period for GEAR space01:45:00
Senator White - question what is process to assess success of GEAR program01:46:20
Dr. Mary Nettleman, Dean, USD Sanford School of Medicine, presented medical school report 01:47:15
USD Sanford School of Medicine Class Expansion - Page 1001:47:20
USD Sanford School of Medicine: Frontier and Rural Medicine Program (FARM) - Page 1101:50:50
USD Sanford School of Medicine: Residency - Page 1201:53:30
Senator Omdahl - question what is the selection committee criteria to accept new USD Medical Students 01:54:15
Representative Romkema - question what are concerns about for-profit medical schools01:55:30
USD Sanford School of Medicine: Into Practice - Page 1301:57:45
Percent of Graduating Class that Plans to Practice in South Dakota - Page 1401:59:05
Representative Hunhoff - question how many primary physicians practice in communities less that 2,500 residents and Dr. Mary Nettleman will provide follow-up01:59:28
Senator White - question what percentage of physicians are recruited by hospitals rather than practicie solo02:02:52
Senator Parsley - question how long do doctors practice in rural areas02:04:00
Physician Assistant Program - Page 1502:04:40
USD Center for Prevention of Child Maltreatment (CPCM) - $210,725 Budget Request - Page 1602:05:30
Representative Hunhoff- question what will program (CPCM) funding be in three to five years 02:07:13
Representative Ring - made comment about the benefits of research and advocated for faculty research02:08:15
Representative Ring - question is there support for research in areas other than economic development02:11:10
Representative Partridge - question what has the University of South Dakota done to be efficient and help freeze tuition 02:15:30
Senator Heineman - question how does the medical school evaluate demand for physician assistants and medical physicians02:19:30
Dr. Heather Wilson, President, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - Page 1 02:22:45
Why The Tuition Freeze Matters - Freshman - Chart - Page 202:23:00
Academically -- High Achievers - Chart - Page 302:25:33
Enrollment - Chart - Page 402:26:44
Senator Heineman - question how do students finance their education who don't qualify for grants02:26:50
Improving Facilities - Wellness Center - Page 502:28:15
Chemistry, Biology & Chemical Engineering and Placer Hall - Page 602:28:50
Representative Jensen - question how do students fund HEFF Bonds 02:29:30
Using Added Maintenance and Repair Funds Wisely - Page 702:30:17
FY16 Unrestricted Budget - Chart - Page 802:31:25
Internships & Professional Development - Page 902:32:25
Student Success - A Math Problem - Page 1002:34:44
Preliminary Results - Summer 2015 Donor Funded Experiment - Chart - Page 1102:38:09
Senator Tidemann - question did SDSM&T track students who took senior yearr math in high school 02:40:19
Senator Heineman - question why aren't students taking Calculus 1 as an entry level course02:41:19
Senator Omdahl - question are students dependent on calculator and not understanding concepts of math 02:43:25
Representative Ring - question are students entering SDSM&T didn't have access to needed math classes02:44:57
Representative Partridge - question could math initiative used at SDSM&T be shared statewide02:46:50
Senator Heineman - question what is the difference in Department of Education efforts to enchance math skills and the SDSM&T program02:48:18
Senator Heineman - question would the Department of Education program help engineering students with math skills02:49:46
Senator Omdahl- question do international students have an advantage over South Dakota students academically02:50:38
Representative Hunhoff - question how is the new Physics Doctoral Program progressing02:51:48
Representative Ring - question could the common core program contribute to analytical thinking02:53:18
Dr. Jose'-Marie Griffiths, President, Dakota State University, introduced staff and presented their university report - Page 102:56:30
Dakota State University - Past - Page 202:57:55
DSU's Original Mission - Page 302:58:08
DSU's Mission Change - 1984 - Page 402:58:52
DSU's Mission - Technology Degrees and Technology-Infused Degrees - Page 502:59:41
DSU Continues to Fulfill Its Mission - Map - Page 603:00:40
DSU Continues to Bring the World to South Dakota - Page 703:01:08
Dakota State University - Present - Page 803:01:38
Enrollment - DSU Enrollment is Up - Chart - Page 903:02:02
Enrollment - Computing Degree Programs Have Enrollment Increases - Chart - Page 1003:03:19
DSU Has Made Good Use of State Investment - Chart - Page 1103:03:42
DSU Has Far Exceeded SB236 Appropriation Projections - Chart03:04:20
DSU Nutures High School Student Interest - GenCyber Camps - Page 1203:04:58
Senator Heineman - question what is the curriculum at Cyber Camp03:06:34
Computing Degree Graduates - Still Competition - Map03:06:34
Retention - DSU Freshman Retention is Up - Chart - Page 1303:07:49
Placements - DSU Graduates Get Jobs - Page 1403:08:19
Placements - DSU Graduates Get Jobs at a Rate Above the National Average for U.S. College Graduates - Page 1503:08:40
DSU Graduation Stay to Work in South Dakota - Map - Page 1603:09:04
Senator Tidemann - question how many students are enrolling in elementary education03:09:40
DSU Serves South Dakota's K-12 School Systems - Map - Page 1803:10:02
Tuition Freeze and Need-based Scholarship Endowment will Assist DSU Students - Page 1903:11:32
DSU Innovates to Ensure Student Success - First Year Residence Experience (FYRE) - Page 2003:12:04
DSU Innovates to Ensure Student Success - Online Students, Students with Disablitiles, and All Students - Page 2103:12:40
DSU is Winning Grant Support - Page 2203:13:30
DSU Finds Innovative Ways to Cut Costs - The Information Assurance (IA) Lab - Page 2303:14:20
State M&R Funding Helps DSU Maintains Facilities to Improve Use - Page 2403:15:12
DSU is Improving Campus Facilities - Old Madison Hospital - Page 2503:16:30
DSU is Improving Campus Facilities - The Trojan Center - Page 26 03:17:09
Building Blocks Already at the DSU Level 03:17:10
DSU Will Add the First New Academic Building to its Campus Since the 1980's - Page 2703:17:32
Dakota State University - Future - Video - Page 2803:18:10
Building Blocks Already at the South Dakota State Level - Page 3103:20:17
Building Blocks Already at the U.S. National Level - Page 3203:20:53
Building Blocks Already at the International Level - Page 3303:21:48
What are the Missing Building Blocks at DSU Level - Page 3403:22:13
DSU Mission Statement - Page 3603:23:50
South Dakota Towers of Excellence - Page 3703:25:00
A View of DSU - Page 3803:25:18
Representative Jensen - question what is vision to retain South Dakota students trained in cyber security 03:25:30
Senator Omdahl - question would DSU collaberate with EROS03:28:45
Senator Parsley - commend Dr. Griffiths for her work at DSU03:29:28
Senator Heineman - question how has technology changed in K-12 teaching03:30:50
Dr. Michael Rush, Board of Regents, made closing remarks and provided follow-up03:33:25
System Licensure Pass Rate - Fact Book - Page 2703:34:40
Remedial Rates - SD High School Graduates - LRC Briefing - Page 3903:35:17
Improving Remedial Success Rates - SDBOR Remedial Courses - Chart03:35:55
Dual Credit Student Sucess - Chart03:36:22
Mr. Monte Kramer, Board of Regents, provided follow-up 03:36:47
Replacement Values - Follow-Up- LRC Budget Briefing 4&6 - Chart03:36:48
Representative Hunhoff - question is there an exchange between universities to share ideas and initiatives 03:39:44
FY14 Public Postsecondary Education - Educational Appropriations and Net Tuition Revenue Per FTE - Chart - Follow-up03:41:20

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