Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Dr. Melody Schopp, Secretary, Department of Education, and Ms. Tami Darnall, Director of the Division of Finance and Management, presented report - Page 100:01:50
Agenda - Page 200:02:20
Goals and Aspirations - Page 300:03:50
Department Organization and Staffing - FY2016 FTE - Pie Chart - Page 400:04:53
What Does It Mean to Be College, Career, and Life Ready? - Page 500:08:13
What Supports Are Available? SD MyLife - Page 600:09:26
Senator Tidemann - question how do you measure the number of logins on SD MyLife and does it have a positive impact on career choices00:12:25
Senator Omdahl - question how do you plan for a career and is it not unusual to have more than one career in a lifetime00:14:05
Representative Anderson - question how much does SD MyLife cost00:16:08
What Supports Are Available? Career and Technical Education (CTE) - Page 700:17:08
Senator Tidemann - question what is Career and Technical Education participant trend00:20:23
Senator Parsley - question what is happening with private-public partnership in regard to the Career and Technical Education 00:21:31
Representative Hunhoff - question what Career and Technical Education innovations are happening in smaller communities00:23:45
Senator Heineman - question has the mandatory attendance through age 18 been working00:25:20
Representative Anderson - question have graduation rates increased or decreased over the past ten years 00:27:35
Dr. Melody Schopp said she would send follow-up data - Graduation Rate Statistics00:29:55
What Supports Are Available? National Career Readiness Certificate - Page 800:30:33
What Supports are Available? Remediation while in High School - Page 900:33:33
Representative Hunhoff - question would you clarify the process for remediation in high school and college00:36:11
Senator Omdahl - question is department concerned about 4th Grade National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) math results00:38:15
Senator Heineman - question how does high school remediation program compare to South Dakota School of Mines & Technology remediation program00:41:25
Senator White - expressed concern about math preparation and asked if school counselors are helping with problem00:43:18
Senator Omdahl - question is technology confusing students and hindering basic math skills00:45:22
Senator Van Gerpen - question how do you integrate family support in student remedial programs00:47:28
What Supports Are Available? Dual Credit Statistics - Page 1000:49:00
What Supports Are Available? South Dakota Opportunities Scholarship - Page 1100:50:28
What Supports Are Available? New Program Chart - Page 1200:51:17
Workforce Innovation Through Technical Education - South Dakota Technical Institues Presentation - Page 100:53:18
Ms. Tiffany Sanderson, Director of Career and Technical Education, introduced staff and presented South Dakota Technical Institutes report00:53:19
Strengthening & Increasing South Dakota's Workforce - Page 200:54:55
Representative Hunhoff - question how many of the total technical institute students are dual credit students - Ms. Sanderson would provide follow-up00:55:30
Strengthening & Increasing South Dakota's Workforce - 2,500 graduates annually - Page 300:56:00
Nationally Recognized - South Dakota Technical Schools List of Awards - Page 400:57:06
SD Techs Work 2021 - Technical Institute's Strategic Plan - Page 500:58:40
SD Techs Work 2021 - Enrollments, FTE, & Graduates - Chart - Page 701:00:00
Retention - Technical Institute Retention of First-time and Full-time Students - Chart - Page 801:00:30
Retention - National Map - Page 901:01:00
Graduation - Technical Institute Graduation, 150% Expected Time - Graph - Page 1001:01:24
Graduation - Technical Institute Graduates - Chart - Page 1101:01:50
Representative Hunhoff- question what programs are popular and have resulted in a high graduation rates01:02:10
Graduation - Graduation Rates by State - National Map - Page 1201:03:45
Graduation - South Dakota - Graduation Rates for Two Year Public Colleges -Graph - Page 1301:04:18
Placement - Placement of Technical Institute Graduates - Survey Respondents, 6 Months Following Graduation - Chart - Page 1401:04:28
Senator Van Gerpen - question how many graduates didn't respond to placement survey01:05:55
FY17 Budget Proposal - Postsecondary State Aid Total Increase - $1,188,045; Includes Per Student Allocation $1,026,956, National Guard Tuition Assistance $161,088, and Tuition Buy-Down $915,90001:06:45
FY17 Budget Proposal - Per Student Allocation (PSA) $1,026,956 - Page 1601:07:22
Representative Anderson - question what is the definition of FTE when calculating the Per Student Allocation for technical institutes01:08:56
FY17 Budget Proposal - National Guard Tuition Assistance - $161,088 - Page 1701:10:20
FY17 Budget Proposal - Tuition Buy-Down - $915,900 - Page 1801:10:48
Representative Hunhoff - question number of National Guard members attending technical institutes01:12:08
Representative Anderson - question why are South Dakota technical student graduation rates so high when state funding is low01:13:37
Senator Tidemann - question do funding comparisons with surrounding states include community colleges and technical institutes01:14:37
State Aid - FY17 Budget Proposal - Page 1901:15:20
Workforce Innovation Through Technical Education - Chart (Handout) - SD Techs Work 202101:17:25
Representative Cronin - question how was $1,000,000 funding from SB55 distributed 01:20:33
Senator Van Gerpen - question what is average cost per student at each technical institute01:21:27
FY17 Formula for Distribution - Chart - Page 2101:22:26
FY16 Amendment - FY16 General Bill Amendment - $20,232 to fill the budget shortfall from higher than projected FTEs01:23:35
One-Time Proposed Funding in FY16: $6,806,670 - Payoff Series Bonds - Page 2301:24:00
SD Techs Work 2021 - People - Page 2401:24:45
Workforce - Administration, Faculty, and Staff -Chart - Page 2501:25:13
Mr. Mike Cartney, President, Lake Area Technical Institute, presented South Dakota Work 2021 - People - Page 2401:25:15
Workforce - Employees Age 53 & Older and Employees by Age - Chart - Page 2601:26:34
Workforce - 2015 Salary Study in High Demand Programs - Chart - Page 2701:27:30
Revenues - Actual FY15, Budgeted FY16, and Budgeted FY17 - Pie Chart - Page 2801:28:32
Representative Hunhoff- question what technical programs are supported by federal funds 01:29:15
Senator Tidemann - question what has been the Perkins Grant trend01:30:27
Revenues - State Aid vs. Student Contributions - Pie Chart - Page 2901:31:50
Expenditures - FY17 Budgeted Expenses for All Technical Institutes - Pie Chart - Page 3001:32:12
Representative Jensen - requested breakdown of tuition and fees for past 5 years and requested follow-up01:32:40
Student Affordability - Regional Competitiveness - public 2-year colleges, tuition, and fees - Chart - Page 3101:34:22
Representative Ring - question how accurate is Student Affordability Chart since public 2-year colleges are included in statistics and it might affect relative graduation rates and requested follow-up01:35:30
Senator Tidemann - question what is the percent of funding from local entities and state support for Iowa technical institutes and community colleges and requested follow-up01:38:25
Examples of Changes & Efficiencies - System Efficiencies - Page 3201:39:49
Examples of Changes & Efficiencies - Institutional Efficiencies - Page 3301:40:58
Examples of Changes and Efficiencies - Institutional Efficiencies (Continued) - Page 3401:43:08
Representative Hunhoff - question how many programs have been phased out over the past three years and requested follow-up01:44:17
Mr. Jeff Holcomb, Southeast Technical School, presented SD Techs Work 2021 - Plant - Page 3501:46:00
Facility Expansion - Southeast Technical School - Facility Expansion - Page 3601:46:05
Facility Expansion - Southeast Tech - Page 3701:47:10
Facility Expansion - Southeast Tech - Page 3801:47:25
Representative Anderson - question how do you use graduation rates when evaluating program needs01:48:50
Representative Hunhoff - question is Southeast Tech the only school offering a diesel mechanic program and are we losing students to out-of-state technical institutes 01:50:54
Senator Omdahl - question how is plumbing program progressing01:52:50
Facility Expansion - Western Dakota Tech- $18.5 Million supported with state bonds - Page 3901:54:50
Facility Expansion - Floor Plan - Public Safety Building - Western Dakota Tech - Page 4001:55:53
Facility Expansion - Simulation Center - Western Dakota Tech - Page 4101:56:48
Facility Expansion - Simulation Center Floor Plan - Western Dakota Tech - Page 4201:57:10
Build Dakota - Scholarship Fund - Fall 2015 Awards by Workforce Trade - Chart - Page 4301:59:46
Build Dakota - Scholarship Fund - Industry Partnerships in 2015-2016 - Page 4401:59:58
Build Dakota - Scholarship Fund - SB55 provided $1,000,000 - Page 4502:01:30
Build Dakota - Scholarship Fund - Application Chart - Page 4602:02:00
Build Dakota - 2015 Future Fund Equipment Grants - Chart - Page 4702:02:17
Thank You - Questions - Page 4802:02:40
Senator Heineman - question does diesel mechanic program have industry support02:02:50
Representative Jacqueline Sly presented the Blue Ribbon Task Force Finding02:04:50
Blue Ribbon Task Force Recommendations: Other Revenue and Capital Outlay - Page 102:04:50
Total Other Revenues by Year - Graph - Page 302:05:08
Local Effort & State Aid - Chart - Page 502:06:30
Senator Heineman - question are local revenues centrally assessed02:07:13
Senator Heineman - question are utility taxes used in Other Revenue state aid formula02:07:59
Senator Parsley - question what is objective of Blue Ribbon Task Force to equalize other revenues02:08:55
Local Effort and State Aid and Other Revenue - Chart - Page 602:09:50
Senator Parsley - question how will state aid be distributed with regard to other revenue02:11:00
Proposed Local Effort & Other Revenue & State Aid - Chart - Page 702:14:15
Representative Ring - commented on school formula prior to year 199502:15:16
Capital Outlay Fund Balances - Chart- Year 2003 to 2015 - Page 802:15:53
Percentage of Per Student Allocation Growth and Capital Outlay Growth - Graph - Page 902:16:20
National and South Dakota Statistics - Per Student Allocation - Capital Outlay - Chart - Page 1002:16:50
Capital Outlay - Problem 1 - Capital Outlay has grown too quickly - Page 1102:17:50
Representative Hunhoff - how does the local school district determine Capital Outlay request02:18:30
Representative Hunhoff - question does local school board plan Capital Outlay projects to request need from the county02:19:22
Representative Ring - question will there be a cap on the mill levy level in new proposal and will Capital Outlay fund be reduced 02:20:20
Capital Outlay - Problem 2 - There is too much money in Capital Outlay that Schools can't use for Teacher Pay - Page 1202:21:35
Senator Parsley - question will 45% of Capital Outlay be used toward local effort02:22:00
Representative Anderson - question how did the committee come to recommendation that 45% of Capital Outlay may be used to cover general fund operations, including salaries02:22:20
Senator Heineman - question does this Capital Outlay flexibility have an impact on the general fund02:24:56
Representative Partridge - question why did they use the 45% figure for Capital Outlay flexibility in the past02:25:30
Representative Ring - question how does the Blue Ribbon Task Force decide to equalize certain funds and not others02:29:00
Representative Ring - question will some school districts continue to raise more funds than others02:31:28
Representative Cronin - comment on current agriculture land values and future growth of Capital Outlay will level off02:32:36
Representative Partridge - question is Capital Outlay affected by agricultural land values more than urban property values02:35:04
Capital Outlay - Problem 3 - Some schools with few students and high property valuations levy too much Capital Outlay02:36:40
Equalization of Other Revenues - Page 1502:37:00
Step Down Plan - Page 1602:38:04
Calculation of Base Other Revenue Amount - Page 1702:38:05
Year 1 - Formula Example - Page 1802:38:40
Year 2 - Formula Example - Page 1902:40:12
Years 3 through 5 - Formula Example - Page 2002:41:00
Senator Parsley - question will the baseline of Other Revenues be the same amount for all five years02:41:43
Senator Heineman - question were there any questions or concerns raised from business community during Blue Ribbon Task Force meetings02:42:18
Distribution Through Formula - How does it work? - Page 2102:45:00
Capital Outlay - Four changes to Capital Outlay are being proposed - Page 2202:47:15
Current Capital Outlay Flexibilities - Sunset - June 30, 2018 - Page 2302:47:50
Proposed Capital Outlay Flexibilities - Page 2402:48:25
Usage of Capital Outlay Flexibilities - Graph - Page 2502:48:50
Representative Partridge - question was there committee discussion to factor in inflation for Capital Outlay 02:49:17
Representative Cronin - question what are pay17 levies under this proposal and requested follow-up02:50:10
Representative Partridge - question do school districts have both a Capital Outlay Fund reserve balance and a General Fund reserve balance02:52:00
Senator Omdahl - question how much of every state tax dollar would go to education under the new proposal and requested follow-up 02:53:22
Representative Ring - question are there other forms of school funding besides what is under the state aid formula02:54:27
Representative Partridge - question how would sparsity formula change under new funding proposal02:55:50
Secretary Melody Schopp, Department of Education, recommended going to the Department of Education website for additional information

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