Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Dr. Melody Schopp, Secretary, Department of Education, and Ms. Tami Darnall, Director of Finance and Management, presented the FY17 Budget as Recommended by the Governor00:02:07
FY17 Recommended Budget - Pie Chart - Total Budget $661,201,051 - Page 200:03:36
FY17 State Aid - Pie Chart - Total State Aid - $453,996,979 - Page 300:04:00
FY17 Grants Passed Through (Not Including State Aid) - Pie Chart - Page 400:04:22
FY17 Agency Budget - Pie Chart - Total Agency Budget $32,700,302 - Page 500:05:06
FY17 Recommended Budget Changes Agency Budget - Page 600:05:49
General Administration - Chart - Page 700:06:46
Senator Heineman - question what are specific programs affiliated with $2,199,100 federal fund authority reduction 00:07:22
Education Services and Resources - Chart - Page 800:08:51
Senator White - question is there a list of high schools that participate in dual credit and requested follow-up 00:10:35
Dual Credit Program - Chart - Page 900:10:48
Senator Heineman - question what metric is used to measure dual credit program success00:13:15
Senator Heineman - question are reduced remediation rates related to dual credit success and graduation rates00:14:59
Senator Van Gerpen - question are private students allowed to participate in dual credit program00:16:02
Representative Hunhoff - question what is Dual Credit Program pass rate00:16:40
Representative Hunhoff - question will a poor grade in the Dual Credit Program be transferred to a student's college transcript00:17:42
Senator Buhl-O'Donnell - question is there an option for low income students to participate in the Dual Credit Program00:18:50
Representative Ring - question do students take exams to determine if remediation is necessary before they can take Dual Credit courses00:21:20
Senator Peters - question are there certain schools not meeting Board of Regents Dual Credit Program benchmark requirements 00:23:30
Representative Ring - question are dual credit courses offered online and in a classroom and who is teaching these courses 00:24:45
Education Services and Resources - Child and Adult Nutrition Services - Additional 3.0 FTE - Page 800:27:55
Senator Tidemann - question are students satisfied with the new federal nutrition guidelines and expressed concerns00:33:49
Representative Hunhoff - question what is the skillset of requested FTE for Child and Adult Nutrition Services00:36:10
Representative Romkema - question how much federal funding is received compared to the expense of the school lunch program and requested follow-up00:38:13
Birth to Three Request Breakdown - Chart - Page 1000:40:42
Senator Peters - question did the federal government change eligibility requirements for the Birth to Three Program00:43:36
Senator Tidemann - question are the carryover funds for the Birth to Three Program federal funds00:43:50
Senator Van Gerpen - question how many participate in the Birth to Three Program from years 2012 to 2015 and requested follow-up00:45:45
Senator Van Gerpen - question how do you find potential children that would qualify for Birth to Three Program00:47:30
Representative Hunhoff - question are more autistic children identified to participate in the Birth to Three Program and what is the program oversight and requested follow-up00:48:27
Senator Heineman - question how are families billed and the insurance recovery process and requested follow-up 00:51:29
Senator Peters - question is there any flexibility to allow fee for service and requested follow-up00:52:08
Instructional Literacy Coaching Program - Page 1100:53:28
Data from Pilot Program - Smarter Balanced - English Language Arts Proficiency of 3rd Grade Students - Chart - Page 1200:55:29
Senator Omdahl - question is there research that shows lack of parental support results in poor student reading skills00:58:20
Senator Tidemann - question what is correlation between dyslexia and the ability to read01:00:20
Senator Parsley - question is the Smarter Balanced test a good measure of student success and expressed observation that students perceive the ACT as the most important measurement for higher education01:02:23
Senator Heineman - question how many coaches are used for instructional literacy coaches program and requested follow-up01:06:30
Senator Heineman - question how is higher education supporting instructional literacy coaches program01:08:09
Representative Hunhoff - question how many additional schools are going to participate in instructional literacy coaches program01:10:12
Senator Van Gerpen - comment on funding for the Birth to Three Program 01:11:10
History - Cultural Heritage Center, Historical Preservation Center, and Archaeological Research Center - Chart - Page 1301:12:31
Representative Hunhoff - question are parents engaged in the reading program 01:13:25
Representative Romkema - question was funding lost when the Cultural Heritage Center became a part of the Department of Education01:15:13
State Library - Chart - Page 1401:16:05
Senator Peters requested a list of services and equipment purchases provided to the Cultural Heritage Center01:21:38
Amendments to FY16 Budget - Chart - Page 1501:21:50
FY16 Dual Credit Shortfall - $656,880 - Page 1601:22:00
Workforce Education Fund Distributions - Page 1701:22:55
Workforce Education Fund - Addition Authority Needed $1,297,339 - Page 1801:23:56
Senator White - question what are qualifications for schools to apply for Workforce Education Funds01:24:45
FY16 Technical Institute Formula Shortfall - $20,232 - Page 1901:26:57
FY16 State Aid Formula Revision - Total Revision to FY2016 State Aid Budget ($3,100,000) - Page 2001:27:26
Representative Hunhoff- question how many students participate in Jump Start Program and how is it funded01:29:08
Representative Hunhoff- question are excess workforce education funds used for the Jump Start Program 01:30:06
Special Appropriations - Native American Advisory Council Recommendations - $2,200,000 - Page 2101:30:50
Native American Student Achievement - Page 2201:31:58
Representative Anderson - question is the Native American Student Achievement program affiliated with a federal program01:32:35
Senator Peters - question how are Native American Student Achievement funds going to flow through the Department of Education and will the proposed bill require an evaluation of the program01:32:50
Senator Omdahl - question what is projected future cost of Native American Student Achievement Program01:35:07
Senator Tidemann - question how is Native American Student Achievement Program going to be evaluated01:36:20
Senator Tidemann- question how is school staff going to get students to participate in the Native American Student Achievement Program01:38:00
State Aid - Page 2301:40:10
State Aid Programs - List - Page 2401:40:51
State Aid - Budget Increases & Decreases - Chart - Page 2501:42:15
Senator Van Gerpen - question what areas would stay the same under the new funding formula proposal01:43:25
General State Aid Calculations - Page 2601:44:20
12% Property Tax Cut - Teacher Pay Proposal - Handout01:48:39
Other Items in State Aid Budget - List - Page 2701:50:15
Senator Tidemann - question would Lead Deadwood Career Tech Academy receive ELL funding01:51:13
State Aid to Special Education - FY17 Increase Needed $8,763,479 - Page 2801:53:23
State Aid to Special Education - Triennial Adjustment - Page 2901:54:07
State Aid to Special Education - Triennial Adjustment (Continued) - Spreadsheet - Page 3001:54:44
Representative Hunhoff - question are expanded autism services offered from the school districts01:57:18
FY2015 Extraordinary Cost Fund Payments - Chart - Page 3101:58:45
Representative Hunhoff - question what is trend for Extraordinary Cost Fund02:00:09
Senator Tidemann - question are Extraordinary Cost Funds mandated by federal guidelines02:01:10
Representative Hunhoff - question is there data that follows Birth to Three participants into K-1202:01:42
Sparsity Formula - Definition - Page 3202:02:15
Technology in Schools - FY17 Funding Increase $56,120 - Page 3302:04:13
Workforce Education Fund Distributions - Page 3402:06:40
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Representative Hunhoff – question is there a long-range plan for technology in schools, and what should we expect in 3 to 5 years02:07:50

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