Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2016

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Chairs of other Legislative Committees to discuss funding00:00:44
Senator Soholt sent a message regarding education00:01:04
Senator Novstrup presented information regarding elder abuse00:01:22
Senator Vehle presented information on protecting our investment re:highways00:02:00
Senator Vehle discussed SB10900:03:11
Senator Van Gerpen question - will this apply to gravel and oil highways00:05:09
Representative Romkema question - cost of this process00:05:33
Senator Van Gerpen question - is this for trucks or machinery as well00:06:17
Senator Van Gerpen expressed his concern regarding farm machinery crossing the highways00:07:34
Senator Parsley question - will it be a state cost or county00:08:11
Senator Tidemann question - condition of road due to weather conditions00:08:42
Senator Vehle discussed his second issue dealing with the petroleum release compensation fund00:10:04
Representative Hunhoff commented on the challenges of maintaining the state's infrastructure00:12:48
Representative Hunhoff question - are there other highway issues that need policy attention00:13:31
Senator Tidemann question - county plans for highway maintenance00:16:34
Senator Parsley question - status of wheel tax 00:18:26
Senator Peters discussed Senator Novstrup's elder abuse request00:20:42
Senator Peters talked about Jolene's Task Force00:21:31
Representative Hunhoff question - regarding elder abuse00:22:24
Senator Peters talked about a bill in Senate Judiciary with a $50,000 cost00:24:14
Jason Simmons, Legislative Research Council presented a "Preliminary" Sources and Uses Scorecard00:25:39
Representative Romkema question - difference in revenue from Governor's proposed budget compared to March adopted revenue00:28:05
Senator Van Gerpen question - revenue projections00:28:57
Senator Buhl O'Donnell question - SB 200:30:34
Senator Peters question - are Secretary of State and Department of Labor revenues included00:32:17
Senator Peters requested that all fees be included even if they affect Other Funds00:33:45

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