Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Mr. David Zolnowsky, Commissioner, Bureau of Information & Telecommunications made opening remarks for the South Dakota Statewide Communications System to the Joint Committee00:01:44
Mr. Jeff Pierce, Engineering Manager, Bureau of Information & Telecommunications presented South Dakota Statewide Communications System - Page 100:03:45
History - Page 200:05:12
The Tipping Point, Spencer Tornado - Page 300:06:27
Decision to Upgrade - Page 400:07:15
State Radio Sites - Year 2003 - State Map - Page 500:09:10
Expanded Via Grants - Page 600:09:42
State Radio Sites - Year 2017 - Page 700:10:20
Factors Affecting Coverage - Page 800:10:48
Topography Example - Map - Page 900:13:11
System Usage - Pie Chart - Graph - Call Volume - Page 1000:14:36
Factors Affecting Further Buildout - Page 1100:16:19
Senator Cronin - question is Union County proposed radio site coverage versus McPherson County -is topography the difference and how do you increase radio coverage at these sites00:17:25
South Dakota Public Safety Communications Council Designated Priority Sites - Page 1200:19:18
Priority and Identified Underserved Areas - Map - Page 1300:21:10
Radio Network Operating System - Page 1400:22:00
Representative Ahlers - question is equipment investment proposed $89,000 per radio tower00:24:40
Senator White - question what was the guaranteed end of life of radio agreed upon when purchased in Year 200300:26:51
Senator Peters - question was original agreement proposal negotiated with Motorola and options discussed and did original proposal from Motorola offer more items than needed00:27:35
Radio Network Operating System (Project 25) - Page 1500:30:03
Compatible Radios - Page 1600:30:51
System Components - Life Expenctancy -Chart - Page 1700:31:44
Representative Hunhoff - question was lifecycle planning meetings in original agreement and what was the rationale for late notice from Motorola00:32:30
Radio System Complexity - Page 1900:33:40
Lifecycle Planning Must Take Into Consideration the Trade-offs association with elapsed-time between system updates - Chart - Page 2000:34:33
Current Options - Option 1 (Stay Current Plan) - Page 2100:35:14
Current Options - Option 2 (Update System and Radios $21,599,379) - Page 2200:36:03
Representative Anderson - question how do options differ and please explain the cost savings in each option00:37:10
Miscellaneous - State Investment to Date - $65,000,000 - Page 2300:38:15
Senator Nesiba - question is the Current Option 2 Price Tag of $21,599,379 cost shared with local governments00:40:55
Senator Peters - question why was South Dakota caught off guard when other states including Utah, Alaska, and Kentucky have already made upgrades00:42:25
Representative Ahlers - question are proposed radio upgrades include other vendor quotes and contracts be made with state00:44:54
Representative Lake - question are the 9,000 radios already compatible with the new system and do 16,000 radios need to be upgraded00:46:21
Senator Cronin - question would upgrade of towers be included in Option 2 costs00:47:12
Representative Anderson - question would the $5,000,000 upgrade in the radio system work keep the radios upgraded00:47:34
Senator White - question if we need to purchase the complete system update immediately ($21,599,379), should we consider a depreciation schedule that could be carried forward 00:48:20
Senator Peters- question is the upgrade and payments going to be over a 7 year and expressed concern that planning process should be started and what is purpose of hearing 00:50:52
Bowdle Year 2010 F4 Tornado - Picture - Page 2400:53:31
Christmas Day Storm Year 2016 - Picture - Page 2500:54:04
Senator Cronin - question are tower locations and radio stations insured by the State of South Dakota and what is value of these assets and should this issue be addressed by the legislature00:55:03
Representative Bartels - question is the $10,000,000 investment for an upgrade or replacement of radios and after December 2017 if nothing is done will you have to replace the radios00:58:45
Representaive Ahlers - question are these assets insured and if they aren't why not and requested Follow-Up00:59:38
Adjourn Wiik/Peterson01:02:00