Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Dr. Barry Dunn, President, South Dakota State University, made FY18 Budget Request00:02:04
Operating Budget Authority FY17 - Pie Chart - $341.2M in Operating Authority - Page 200:03:01
South Dakota State University - Fall 2015 Enrollment by County - Map - Page 300:04:09
Enrollment and Graduates - Page 400:04:26
Student Success - First to Second Year Retention - Year 2012 to 2016 - Graph - Page 500:05:50
Accredited, Certified, or Approved Programs - Page 600:06:44
Agreements and Partnerships - Page 700:08:15
Senator Cronin - question is there a tuition agreement with Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture00:10:40
Job Placement - Page 800:11:50
Achieving Efficiencies - Average Cost of Producing One Student Credit Hour - SDSU versus Peer Institutions - Chart - Page 900:13:09
Collaboration - Page 1000:15:02
Stewardship of State Resources - Maintenance & Repair Funding - $9,600,000 - Page 1100:16:25
Total Grant and Contract Expenditures - FY16 - $46.8M - Pie Chart- Page 1200:17:41
Return on Investment - Reported in Economic Impact of the South Dakota Public University System - Page 1300:20:10
Representative Hunhoff - question does the Board of Regents have a vision that state universities work together to obtain research grants 00:20:40
Optimizing the State Investment in Higher Education - Page 1400:21:56
Reach - FY17 State Support Resident Tuition Price - Chart - Page 1500:23:27
Senator Sutton - comment that there will be a bill to increase the needs based scholarship00:24:55
Senator Partridge - question what is private sector doing to enchance need based scholarships00:25:35
SDSU FTE Utilization - Chart - FY13 - FY16 - Page 1600:27:57
Legislation - Senate Bill 17, Senate 18, and House Bill 1008 - Page 1700:29:11
Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab - Page 1800:29:35
Dr. Daniel Scholl, Interim Dean, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, and Director of the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University - Page 1900:32:45
SDAES Mission - Research to Build and Stabilize the Statewide Agriculture Economy - Page 2000:33:14
Research Generates Money for South Dakota - FY13 -FY16 Grant Awards - Graph - Page 2100:34:13
Impacts of State Investments - Center for Drought Tolerance Biotechnology and Future Economic Stability - Page 2200:36:40
Swine and Cow / Calf Education and Research Facilities - Swine Facility Funding $6.9M, Cow / Calf Facility Funding $4.6M, and Impacts of Investment - Page 2300:38:57
Picture - Research Facility - Page 2400:40:14
Representative Hunhoff - question how has research knowledge transferred into practical applications for South Dakota producers and how do you measure it00:40:24
Senator Tidemann - question can research facilities be used for zoning boards and county commissions00:42:39
New Business: Prairie AquaTech - Page 2500:43:55
Picture - Production Process for Development of Products - Page 2600:45:07
SDSU & General Mills Collaboration - Page 2700:45:33
Picture - General Mills Collaboration - Page 2800:46:56
Senator White - question does SDSU hold a patent on genetic agriculture innovations and is the university reimbursed00:47:27
Representative Hunhoff - question what fund are royalties placed and who decides how funds are used00:50:15
Agricultural Experiment Station FTE Utilization - Graph - Page 2900:51:09
South Dakota Agriculture Experiment Station Mission - Page 3000:52:30
Dakota Lakes Research Farm - Located 17 Miles East of Pierre - South Dakota Map - Page 3100:52:56
Dakota Lakes Research Farm - Partnership between SDAES and Dakota Lakes Research Farm -Page 3200:53:25
Picture of Dakota Lakes Research - Page 3300:54:04
Increased Research Capacity and Management Continuity for South Dakota Agriculture - Board of Regents Proposal - $120,286 Base Enhancement and $75,000 One-Time Faculty Start-Up Funds - Page 3400:56:04
Senator Tidemann - shared story of Dakota Lakes no till research00:58:15
South Dakota State University Extension - Page 3500:59:00
Representative Ahlers - question is there a way to use current personnel insteading of adding an additional Dakota Lakes Research Farm FTE00:59:16
Representative Lake - question is there a breakdown (support staff or research personnel) of under utilized FTE and Requested Follow-up01:02:19
Representative Howard - question what is the SDSU Foundation Revenue and Expenses for need-based scholarships over the past five years and Requested Follow-up01:03:14
South Dakota State University Extension - Page 3501:04:01
SDSU Extension Mission - Page 3601:04:04
Impact - Grant Productivity, Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program, and Dakota Food Hub - Page 3701:04:50
Impact - Private Pesticide Application Certification, Common Swine Industry Audit, and Community-Based Wellness Coalitions- Page 3801:07:07
Quality Education - South Dakota Soil Health Coalition and SDSU Extension Master Gardeners - Page 3901:09:11
Quality Education - South Dakota 4-H - Page 4001:10:00
Picture - South Dakota 4-H - Page 4101:10:45
Efficiencies & Effectiveness - Electronic Publications - Page 4201:11:20
Efficiencies & Effectiveness - Usage - Page 4301:12:00
SDSU Extension FTE Utilization - Graph - Page 4401:12:18
Representative Bartels - question how many FTE's can't be filled for lack of funding and Requested Follow-up01:13:07
President Jim Abbott, University of South Dakota, made FY18 Budget Request to the Joint Appropriations Committee01:15:00
FY18 Budget Hearings - Joint Appropriations Committee - Academic Quality - Page 101:15:31
Research - Biomedical Engineering Technology, Biomedical Sciences, The Missouri River Institute, Discovery District, and GEAR Center - Immutrix - Page 201:17:45
Representative Hunhoff - requested list of GEAR occupants and number of employees and those who have moved and Requested Follow-Up01:21:30
Efficiencies - Page 301:21:45
Cost - Chart - Comparison to Peers - Page 401:24:24
Scholarships - Page 501:25:50
Senator White - question are USD Foundation donations earmarked01:28:15
Maintenance & Repair - Deferred Maintenance is still $128,000,000 - Page 601:31:00
FTE Utilization - 98% Utilized - Page 701:33:50
Building Needs - Facility Management and Health Sciences Building is Greatest Need - Page 801:36:00
School of Law - Budget Request $1.2 million - Page 901:38:05
Representative Ahlers - question is USD Law School losing top students to other law schools01:41:20
Representative Ahlers - question are there internship opportunities for law school students and should the law school move to Sioux Falls01:43:10
Representative Karr - question is law school enrollment down around the country and will it change in the next three years01:45:27
Senator Tidemann - question what is the cost of USD Law School for all three years01:47:55
Dr. Mary Nettleman, Dean, University of South Dakota, Sanford School of Medicine, made presentation to Joint Committee - Page 1001:49:00
Sanford School of Medicine, - #1 in Nation for Graduates Practicing in Rural Areas - Page 1101:54:03
Representative Hunhoff - question please describe different residency opportunities in South Dakota and who provides funding 01:56:30
Representative Anderson introduced Doctor of the Day01:58:48
School of Health Sciences - Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences was ranked in the top ten nationally by three different agencies- Page 1202:00:00
Senator Tidemann - question how many medical students are entering Sanford Medical School each year and are we maintaining quality of students02:03:50
Senator White - comment how Dean Nettleman helped start entry level LPN program and this effort is helping rural communities02:05:23
Dr. Jose'-Marie Griffiths, President, Dakota State University, made FY18 Budget Request to the Joint Committee02:10:11
A View of DSU - Page 102:10:12
DSU Mission - Page 202:11:16
DSU's Mission - Technology Intensive and Technology Infused Degrees - Page 302:12:00
DSU - History - Page 402:12:30
DSU - Today - Page 502:12:32
Enrollment - DSU Enrollment is Up - Chart - Page 602:12:59
Enrollment - Fall 2013 to Fall 2016 - 84% Increase in Computer Science and Cybersecurity Majors - Page 702:13:36
Persistence and Retention Rates - Graphs - Page 802:13:54
Placements - DSU Graduates Get Jobs - Pie Chart - Page 902:14:19
Placements - DSU 2015 Graduates - Significantly Above U.S. Average - Chart - Page 1002:14:58
DSU Graduates Stay to Work in South Dakota - Page 1102:15:21
DSU Serves South Dakota's K-12 School Systems - Page 1202:15:30
South Dakota Faces Stiff Competition for Technology-Intensive Degrees - Page 1302:15:54
DSU Serves Many First Generation College Students - Page 1402:16:45
DSU First Generation College Students - Pie Chart - Page 1502:17:02
DSU Students Still Struggle to find Adequate Financial Support - Pie Chart - Page 1602:17:20
DSU is Working Hard to Increase Private Scholarships - Page 1702:17:48
DSU Research and Development Activities and Funding are Growing- Chart - Page 1802:18:10
DSU Research and Development Highlights - Page 1902:19:30
DSU Students - Research Example - Page 2002:22:32
DSU Innovates to Ensure Student Success - Rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Page 2102:25:05
Students on the Autism Spectrum Often Excel at Technology, contributing to DSU's Large Population of these Students - Page 2202:26:05
DSU has Pilot Program - PACE - Page 2302:26:45
Spectrum STRONG - Page 2402:27:11
Spectrum Strong - Social Support - Page 2502:27:24
Spectrum sTrong- Tutoring Support - Page 2602:27:26
Spectrum - stRong - Reducing Stress - Page 2702:27:28
Spectrum - strOng - Organizational Skills - Page 2802:27:30
Spectrum -stroNg - Navigating for Success - Page 2902:27:32
Spectrum - stronG - Guidance for Life - Page 3002:27:40
FTE Utilization - Graph - Page 3102:29:08
State Maintenance and Repair Funding Helps DSU Maintain Facilities to Improve Use - Page 3202:30:10
DSU is Improving Campus Facilities - Page 3302:31:00
DSU is Improving Campus Facilities - Page 3402:31:25
DSU is Adding First New Academic Building since the 1980's: The Beacon Institute of Technology - Page 3502:31:33
DSU - Proposal for Dakota State and South Dakota Cyber: "on the radar" - Page 3602:32:13
The Impact of Cyber is only going to grow - An Explosion of Devices- Page 3702:32:20
Data Traffic on the Rise - Page 3802:32:26
DSU and South Dakota are National Cyber Leaders Already - Page 3902:32:40
Economic Development - National Map - South Dakota is in a Unique Position - Page 4002:33:00
Economic Development - There is tremendous potential for South Dakota - Page 4102:33:19
The Gold State are those considered to be cybersecurity leaders as of Year 2015 - Map - Page 4202:33:29
As of Fall 2016, South Dakota is now one of those leaders - Map - Page 4302:33:49
DSU and South Dakota now have Cybersecurity Education Leadership role for 11 states and 34 institutions - Page 4402:34:06
The Present Challenge - South Dakota is Losing Workforce Talent and Economic Development Opportunities - Page 4502:34:25
5G Igniting Ubiquitous Connectivity - Page 4602:34:57
In the Information Age, Networking = Transportation - Page 4702:35:07
The Development of Networking - Chart - Understanding 1st Generation (1G) Networking vs. 2G vs 3G vs 4G vs 5G - Page 4802:35:22
Why will 5G be such an improvement? Chart - Page 4902:36:07
Why is 5G Important for South Dakota? Page 5002:36:25
South Dakota has the potential to lead the nation in the development and implementation of a secure 5G regional network - Map - Page 5102:36:53
Our Region Needs National Networking and National Networking Needs Our Region - Graph - Pie Chart - Page 5202:37:23
A Plan for a Secure 5G Network for South Dakota: SD5G - Page 5302:38:00
Develop and Deploy the SD5G Network on the DSU Campus - Page 5402:38:04
Extend SD5G to the City of Madison - Page 5502:38:07
The SD5G to Lake County - Page 5602:38:08
Then SD5G to the Greater Sioux Falls Ares - Page 5702:38:10
The SD5G to the State of South Dakota - Page 5802:38:15
Positioning South Dakota as a National Information Transportation Leader by Being the First State in the Country to Develop and Deploy a Secure 5G Network - Page 5902:38:20
Also on the Radar - Advanced Cybersecurity Research, Development, and Applicaiton - Page 6002:38:26
The Madison Cyber Labs - The MadLabs - Mission and Potential Impact - Page 6102:38:43
The MadLabs would contribute to renewing South Dakota National Defense Leadership Role - Page 6202:39:06
The MadLabs - Cyclops Lab, BaSe Lab, IT Living Lab, Patriot Lab, DigforCE Lab, and CAHIT, AdapT Lab - Page 6302:39:13
Mad Labs Buildings - Research Building - $18 million - Page 6402:39:31
Potential MadLabs Outcomes - Page 6502:39:56
Potential MadLabs Outcomes - (Continued) - Page 6602:40:16
Video - Dakota State University shows Potential Partners - Page 6702:40:31
A View of Dakota State University - Page 6802:44:00
Senator Nesiba - question what certificate programs are offered for undergraduates02:44:30
Representative Anderson - question how are you progressing with conversations with potential donors for MadLabs02:45:54
Representative Anderson - question are entities willing to help fund the new building for MadLabs02:49:00
Senator Haverly - question are you familiar with DakotaCon02:50:30
Senator Nesiba - question is there a potential Authority distinction that could be used for Madison02:51:00
Dr. Michael G. Rush, Executive Director, Board of Regents, made closing remarks and answered questions02:53:00
Board of Regents Central Office FTE Use - Page 7802:53:08
Senator Peters - question when is the Board of Regents Central Office going to eliminate 5 unfilled FTE's02:55:20
Central Office - FY18 Governor's Recommended Budget Items - Page 7902:56:21
FY18 Utility Support for Academic Facilities - Reduction of $2,574,186 - Page 8002:58:59
Federal and Other Informational Budgets - Senate Bill 19 - Page 8103:01:42
Federal Fund Authority - FY17 Federal Fund Authority Budget, Fund Authority Transferred to Informational Budget, and Reduction of Federal Fund Authority - Chart - Page 8203:04:52
Other Fund Authority - FY17 Other Fund Authority Budget, Fund Authority Transferred to Informational Budget, Fund Authority Transferred to Tuition Budget, and Adjustment to Other Fund Authority - Page 8303:07:51
Senator Peters - question will the Fund Authority Transfer to the Informational Budget be presented at a bill hearing03:16:14
Senator Peters - question what are you doing so students have access to networks since they have several devices and live in close proximity03:16:51
Mr. Nathan Lukkes, Governor's Office of Economic Development, discussed collaberative research among campuses and would provide additional information03:20:00
Representative Hunhoff - question is the private sector involved with state funding for economic development03:24:38
Senator Tidemann - question expressed concern of decreased attendance at university centers and are they self sustaining and Requested Follow-Up03:26:15
Mr. Randy Schaefer, President, Board of Regents, made closing remarks03:28:40
Adjourn Nesiba/Partridge03:32:15