Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Dr. Melody Schopp, Secretary, Department of Education presented Department Overview00:01:41
The Department of Education Remains Focused on our Aspiration - Page 300:02:15
2016-17 Highlights - Teacher, School, and Student Supports - Page 400:03:07
Teacher Supports - Statewide Teacher Salary Increases and Average Increase by District Size - Page 500:08:18
Representative Hunhoff - question is the average salary increase based on a 9 month or 10 month average00:11:00
Teacher Supports - Mentoring - Page 600:13:41
Representative Hunhoff - question what districts and how many teachers are participating in the mentoring program00:17:26
Senator Partridge - question what portion of SB133 is used for the Mentoring Program00:18:33
Teacher Supports - National Board Certification - Page 700:19:19
Representative Karr - question how do you determine if a National Board Certified Teacher is eligible for additional 5 years of stipends and what is the percentage of renewal of certification00:23:23
Representative Peterson - question what does it cost each teacher to go through National Certification 00:25:29
Representative Karr - question why aren't there more National Board Certified Teachers in Sioux Falls and Requested Follow-Up 00:26:30
Teacher Supports - Paraprofessional Scholarship Program - Page 800:28:35
School Supports - Innovation Grants - Page 900:31:59
Representative Peterson - question how are students accountable in individualized learning 00:38:33
Representative Peterson - question what are spiral method and mastery concepts00:43:00
School Supports - Shared Services Grants - $490,842 - Page 1000:44:20
School Supports - Workforce Education Grants - Years 2016 and 2017 - Page 1100:53:49
Representative Hunhoff - question is there an allowance to transfer funds between Innovation and Shared Services Grants00:56:35
Senator Peters - question are there shared services for administration00:57:33
Senator Sutton - question are there funds available for Workforce Education Grants in FY18 and have you turned down grant requests and Requested Follow-Up01:00:00
Representative Hunhoff - question how does shared learning services impact NSU E-Learning and are they duplicate programs01:05:20
School Supports - Native American Achievement School Grants - Page 1201:06:25
Representative Hunhoff - question are the tribes investing in the Native American Achievement Program and is there federal funding available01:09:00
Senator Tidemann - question what is the guarantee that fellows are going to stay in the district and is there a time commitment in writing01:12:01
Student Supports - Dual Credit - FY16 - Page 1301:13:57
Senator Peters - question is there a policy in place that allows Dual Credit to only count as an elective 01:16:21
Student Supports - Advanced Placement - Page 1401:20:14
Senator White - question do students pay tuition for Advanced Placement credits01:22:00
Student Supports - E-Learning at Northern State - Total Students Served and High School Courses - Chart - Page 1501:23:47
Student Supports - Virtual Courses - Page 1601:25:14
Representative Hunhoff - question how many students graduate from Virtual High School and how do you monitor who is participating01:26:00
Senator Sutton - question what are virtual course versus on-site course outcomes01:27:30
Senator Sutton - question is someone overseeing Virtual and E-Learning Courses01:31:08
Senator Sutton - question what is the future for E-Learning program01:32:30
Representative Hunhoff - question is there Dual Credit and Advanced Placement collaberation with Board of Regents to ensure student outcomes academically and socially01:35:15
Senator Nesiba - question are online exams proctored01:37:32
Representative Bartels - question how much does Virtual High School cost01:38:20
Students Supports - Remediation - Page 1701:41:30
Senator White - question has Dual Credit help alleviate higher education remediation rates01:42:30
Representative Peterson - question why are 30.4 percent of students needing remediation in the regental system and what should we expect from current Department of Education efforts01:44:00
Student Supports - Career & Technical Education - Statistics - Page 1801:50:19
Student Supports - National Career Readiness Certificate - Page 1901:51:00
Legislator Resources - Website Addresses - Page 2001:52:03
Ms. Tami Darnall, Director of Finance & Management, Department of Education, presented South Dakota Department of Education Budget Information to the Joint Committee - Page 2101:53:55
Department Staffing Organization Chart - Pie Chart - FY17 Budgeted FTE - Page 2201:54:25
FTE Utilization - FY15 and FY16 - Page 2301:54:45
Long Term Vacancies - Page 2401:56:50
FY18 Recommended Budget - Page 2501:59:15
FY18 Grants Passed Through DOE (Not Including State Aid) - Pie Chart - Page 2601:59:57
FY18 Agency Budget - Page 2702:00:43
Agency Budget - Page 2802:01:14
FY18 Recommended Budget Changes Agency Budget - Major Budget Increases / Decreases - Chart - Page 2902:01:17
General Administration - Secretary's Office and Finance and Management - Chart - Page 3002:02:30
Grant and Contract Monitoring FTE - Page 3102:04:02
Education Services and Resources - Career and Technical Education, Assessment and Accountability, Educational Services and Support, and Learning and Instruction - Chart - Page 3202:05:14
Senator Peters - question are Education Service Agencies included in this budget center02:06:25
Representative Hunhoff - question asked for an update for Birth to Three Program and Requested Follow-Up02:08:22
Dual Credit Program - Increase from FY17 to FY18 - $90,569 - Chart - Page 3302:10:20
ESSA Accountability - Request for 2 FTE and $137,112 in the Division of Assessment and Accountability and $527,700 within the Technology in Schools Budget - Page 3402:11:30
Senator Haverly - question what are the consequences if funding is not available for ESSA Accountability02:14:54
History - Cultural Heritage Center, Historical Preservation Center, and Archaeological Research Center - Chart - Page 3502:16:16
Representative Peterson - question when and why did these centers get moved from the Department of Tourism to the Department of Education and are there opportunities to utilize facilities for education02:17:05
Representative Peterson - question do 4th grade students still study South Dakota History02:19:43
State Library - Development and Access Services - FY17 and FY 18 Chart - Page 3602:20:37
One Time Requests - Page 3702:22:00
One Time Requests - Perkins Data Enhancements, Postsecondary Technical Institutes Revision, State Aid to General, and Education Formula Revision - Chart - Page 3802:22:02
Representative Hunhoff - question how much is in E-Rate Fund and Requested Follow-Up02:23:40
FY17 Technical Institute Formula Revision - $694,160 - Page 3902:26:38
FY17 State Aid Formula Revision - Change to General Education Budget - Chart - Page 4002:27:14
State Aid - Page 4102:31:31
State Aid Programs - List - Page 4202:31:33
State Aid to K-12 - Budget Increases & Decreases - Chart - Page 4302:31:58
General State Aid Calculations: Total Teacher Compensation - Page 4402:32:40
General State Aid Calculations: Overhead and Total Need - Page 4502:34:44
Representative Ahlers - question how did you determine the 31% overhead rate02:35:11
General State Aid Calculations: Other Adjustments and Statewide Need - Page 4602:39:00
General State Aid Calculations: State Share - Page 4702:43:10
Other Items in State Aid Budget - Page 4802:46:07
State Aid to Special Education - Page 4902:47:32
Representative Hunhoff - question has there been a student increase in Special Education over time02:51:16
Representative Hunhoff - question are approximately 10.04% enrolled in Special Education Services Level 102:53:50
Representative Lake - question why is the Level 6 PSA so much less than Level 502:54:18
Representative Howard - question how is the child count for Level 1 determined02:55:30
Representative Hunhoff - question is Special Education Funding based on an allocation formula and can they be used for different levels02:57:16
FY16 Extraordinary Cost Fund (ECF) - Total Awards Equaled $4,559,803 - Page 5002:57:34
Sparsity Formula - Criteria - Page 5103:00:05
Representative Anderson - question is the requirement that levies must at the maximum level in order to receive Sparsity payments include all levies or just the general fund levy03:01:16
Technology In Schools - Major Budget Increases / Decreases - Chart - Page 5203:02:03
Representative Hunhoff - question are K-12 Data Center workers state employees and are they contracted03:03:50
Representative Howard - question is the recommendation for a 1% increase in salaries03:04:20
Representative Bartels - is the ESSA Accountability increase going to be ongoing03:04:50
Workforce Education Fund Distributions - Secondary CTE Programs - Page 5303:05:20
Workforce Education Grant Awards - FY16, FY17, and Anticipated FY18 - Page 5403:05:50
Representative Ahlers - question are there left over CTE Funds from FY16 and FY17 and can they carried forward for grants 03:07:29
One-Time Education Enhancement - FY16 SDSMT Summer Math Program, FY17 Native American Achievement School Grants and Paraprofessional Grants - Page 5503:08:25
For More Information - - Page 5603:09:23
Representative Ahlers - question has sparsity formula been rebased and asked what the cap would be today if it was increased by the index factor each year and Requested Follow-Up03:09:35
Adjourn Nesiba/Ahlers03:12:10