Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Senator Wiik reported on the Subcommittee Meeting from February 13, 201700:02:40
The Subcommittee recommends the previous FY17 revenue estimate be revised to $1,546,812.650.00:02:50
Motion by Wiik, seconded by Partridge to revise the FY17 estimate00:03:00
Discussion on the revised FY17 estimate 00:03:20
Senator White question on the effect of the farm economy on the revised numbers. 00:05:08
Senator Peters comments on the Subcommittee action00:07:08
Committee voted 16 yea, 0 nay and 2 excused to revise the FY17 estimate00:08:30
Moved by Wiik/seconded by Partridge to set a FY18 General Fund Revenue Target of $1,590,098,88000:09:11
Discussion of FY18 General Fund Revenue Target00:09:40
Senator Patridge comments on the indicators used for sales and use tax estimates00:10:05
Senator Sutton question on the difference between the BFM & LRC numbers00:12:00
Representative Hunhoff comments on the process used for determining the estimate00:14:52
Senator Tidemann comments on the revised number for FY17 and the estimate for FY1800:16:10
Committee voted 15 yea, 1 nay and 2 excused to establish the FY18 estimate00:17:00