Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Mr. Nathan Sanderson, Director of Policy & Operations, Office of the Governor, made FY 18 Budget Request to the Joint Appropriations Committee00:02:30
Office of the Governor - FY18 Budget Brief - Page 100:02:58
Office of the Governor - FY18 Budget Brief - Page 200:04:58
Office of the Governor - FY 18 Budget Brief - Other Fund Balances - Page 500:05:40
Representative Hunhoff - question how many Interns are assigned and funded through the Governor's Office and are they included as FTE's00:06:34
Mr. Scott Stern, Commissioner, Governor's Office of Economic Development, introduced staff and made FY18 Budget Request to the Joint Appropriations Committee00:08:27
Governor's Office of Economic Development - Budget Brief - Page 200:10:25
Ongoing Funds for Ellsworth Authority00:11:28
Senator Tidemann - question how are funds used for housing by the Ellsworth Development Authority00:12:00
Division of Research Commerce - Page 800:13:26
Proof of Concept Update - Research Projects00:14:00
South Dakota Housing Development Authority - Budget Request - Page 1000:14:40
South Dakota Science and Technology - Budget Request - Page 1200:14:53
Building South Dakota - Page 1900:15:24
Senator Nesiba - question does the South Dakota Housing Opportunity Fund have a new source of funding 00:16:06
Senator Cronin - question are there large development projects in excess of $20M since Senate Bill 235 passed and requested a spreadsheet00:17:30
Governor's Office of Economic Development would provide follow-up to Senator Cronin00:19:30
Senator Cronin - question - spending authority for Revolving Economic Development and Initiative (REDI) Grants are used for general funds 00:20:26
Senator Tidemann - question if spending authority request apart of the Governor's Budget00:21:20
Representative Karr - question concerning spending authority on Page 2 of Budget Brief00:21:35
Representative Hunhoff - question Proof of Concept Fund and are businesses established in South Dakota00:22:37
Senator Haverly - question what is plan for research center programs00:24:45
Representative Hunhoff - question in regard to Division of Research and Commerce Funds00:26:15
Senator Tidemann - question where are research centers located in State of South Dakota00:26:42
Senator Nesiba - question what funding is available for affordable housing00:28:24
Senator Tidemann - question what opportunities are there for housing this year00:29:42
Representative Hunhoff - question why are there three bedroom homes for affordable housing and how many houses are available 00:31:20
Representative Hunhoff - question why is there an affordable housing waiting list00:32:40
Senator White - question what are the elegibility changes to qualify for the Governor's House00:33:21
Senator Nesiba - question why are there faulty foundations of Governor's Homes in his district in Sioux Falls 00:37:35
Senator Haverly - question are Governor Houses available for daycares00:38:58
Representative Hunhoff - question what is default rate for Governor's Homes00:39:15
Senator Tidemann - question are prisoners that acquire labor skills from the Governor Housing Program tracked and requested follow-up from the Department of Corrections00:39:30
Representative Lake - question are REDI and CDBG grants monitored and requested follow-up 00:41:28
Senator Tidemann - question what is documention procedure for future fund grants 00:43:33
Senator Haverly - question update from South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority00:46:00
Senator Haverly - question South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority real estate purchases and tax requirements00:51:27
Representative Hunhoff - question how many employees are contract personnel and is the board appointed by the Governor00:54:27
Mr. Mike Headley, Executive Director for the Science & Technology Authority, introduced staff and presented Sanford Underground Research Facility FY18 Budget Request00:55:33
SD FY2018 Major Goals00:56:40
Budget Highlights - SDSTA Budget Outlined on Pages 12-16 of Budget Briefing00:58:15
Senator Cronin - question funding for $5.95M Ross Shaft01:01:39
Federal Funding FY2017 - List of Projects - Total $24,106,49601:02:41
Representative Hunhoff - question what are anticipated concerns for future federal funding and policy changes for SURF01:03:40
Senator Cronin - question is funding available to maintain low water levels for experiments at SURF01:07:28
Ross Shaft Refurbishment Update - 4,402 Feet Down from Surface - 85% Completed Overall01:09:30
Senator Tidemann - question age of cables in Ross Shaft01:10:55
Ross Shaft Refurbishment Progress 01:11:37
4850 Level Science Facilities - Existing and Future Facilities01:11:54
Current Underground Physics Program - Majorana Demonstrator (MJD) and Large Underground Xenon (LUX)01:13:16
Current Underground Physics Program - Compact Accelerator System for Performing Astrophysical Research (CASPAR) and Black Hills State University Underground Campus01:16:14
Majorana Demonstrator (MJD) - Picture01:19:00
LUX-Zeplin (LZ) Dark Matter Experiment - Chart01:19:40
CASPAR - Assembly - Picture01:20:53
BHSU Underground Campus - Picture01:21:02
LUX-Zeplin (LZ) Dark Matter Experiment - LZ will be located in Davis Cavern on the 4850 foot level01:21:22
LZ Surface Facilities - Design01:23:00
LZ Surface Construction - Picture for Radon Removal01:23:27
Long - Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) - LBNF will host the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE)01:23:45
LBNF/DUNE Overview Video01:28:06
LBNF Excavations Planned for Sanford Lab - Diagram01:30:54
ProtoDUNE Progress at CERN - Picture01:31:58
ProtoDUNE Progress at CERN - Picture01:32:17
Economic Impacts in South Dakota - Through Calendar Year 2016 01:33:16
Sanford Lab's Economic Impact - Chart by Zipcode01:34:08
Projected LBNF/DUNE Economic Impact 01:34:42
Education and Outreach Impacts - Year 2008 through Year 201601:35:23
South Dakota University Involvement Highlights01:36:41
Educational Opportunities for K-12 Students - School Presentations, Curriculum Units, and Field Trips01:37:18
Educational Opportunities - Chart - June 2015 to present01:38:56
Educational Opportunities in South Dakota Schools - Map01:39:29
Educational Opportunities in South Dakota Schools - Picture01:39:42
Representative Ahlers - question what are practical applications of SURF experiments01:40:40
Representative Hunhoff - question what are the educational relationship between the Native American Tribes and SURF and would provide follow-up01:42:38
Senator Nesiba - question what is relationship between technical schools, private universities, and SURF01:44:08
Senator Tidemann - question what is water level at SURF and is there a plan to dig deeper01:45:18
Mr. Jim Hagen, Secretary, Department of Tourism, introduced staff and made FY18 Budget Request to the Joint Committee01:48:30
Budget Request - FY18 request $817,000 and for the South Dakota Arts Council $101,000 and currently have 4.0 vacant FTE's01:56:46
Senator Haverly - question how does Mr. Travis Dovre, Finance Officer, divide his time01:58:08
Representative Hunhoff - question how much do you depend on outside contractors for tourism marketing statistics01:58:51
Representative Ahlers - question how do you allocate tourism advertising money regionally02:00:52
Senator Nesiba - question is Department of Tourism marketing internationally02:06:28
Representative Karr - question how does the department determine where to invest in domestic or international marketing02:08:52
Senator Tidemann - question how do you determine advertising impact from the South Dakota Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Float02:10:57
Senator White - question are recreational revenues segregated regionally in tourism budget and Game Fish & Parks may have information and Mr. Hagen would provide follow-up02:13:20
Senator Haverly - question how much revenue does Deadwood Gaming generate for the Department of Tourism02:15:30
Senator Tidemann - question where are the potential target audiences for Department of Tourism02:16:00
Representative Anderson - question is there a seasonal marketing campaign02:16:40
Representative Carson - question does the Department of Tourism have advertising to promote the Summit League02:18:43
Mr. Steve Emery, Secretary, Department of Tribal Relations, made FY18 Budget Request to the Joint Appropriations Commitee02:22:25
Senator Nesiba - question what is the main focus of the agency02:31:50